Merit scholarships at Butler University

Was hoping someone could offer “real world” advice regarding merit based scholarships for my son. He has a weighted GPA of 4.3 and an ACT of 33. Several AP classed and 1818 classes. He is interested in Finance/Actuarial Science. Would he qualify for scholarship money from the school or possibly the business school? Thanks to anyone who may offer advice. JC

Not sure how current my info is for incoming freshmen, but DS received a large merit award plus was invited to business scholars day and received $2000 more. He graduated last week and could not have been happier at Butler- it was the perfect choice for him .

^Should have added your son’s stats are better than my son’s

Thanks so much for your input, I appreciate you taking time to respond! We have heard great things about the school but the tuition is very high relative to our state school choice and didn’t want to make promises we couldn’t afford. Going for a visit in a few weeks… congrats to your son!

It helped that we have an expensive state flagship so that with the scholarship Butler came in below that. Made it easier to justify that kind of expense .

Last year D18 was offered $20K per year merit (4.0UW/35 ACT/9 APs). Everyone she knew who applied (mostly for dance) seemed to be offered something, I think she got maybe $2K-$4K more than others with much lower stats. She didn’t get in for dance and didn’t attend.

Thanks Twoin! Your D has excellent credentials. A $20 scholarship at first glance seems great but with their tuition rates so high it still isn’t competitive with the offering we have at our flagship state school. Were you impressed enough with the school that it would be worth the extra cost? Thanks, JC

Hi, we’re OOS (California) and my D19 got accepted with $20K merit per year. She had a 4.0 UW, 4.59 W GPA, 1520 SAT (750 English/770 Math one sitting). Butler seemed a like a great school but she ended up having some better & more affordable options in the end. GL to your son!!

@colmani Butler themselves said they are known for basketball, ballet and business. She was applying for the second of these and didn’t get in. So hard to say if it would be worthwhile for anything else (she wouldn’t have attended for any other reason). Like @crknwk2000 we are in CA, so there’s no way I would choose Butler over our state flagships for an academic subject but YMMV (my D went to another state flagship for ballet with a full ride).

We’re from CA too, but undergrad education major not offered at the UCs and CSU’s for the most part didn’t excite her in terms of campus life, so she is thrilled to going to Butler, and with the $20K it’s not THAT much cheaper than UCs with no aid offered.