merit scholarships without SAT

I’m sure this will differ quite a bit by school, but I’m just wondering if anyone has any knowledge/guesses on how merit scholarships will work this year with so many people lacking SAT scores/the chance to retake SATs?

I’ve had a great academic record in hs so far with a 4.0 uw/~4.5 w (my school doesnt weight so this is just a guess). However I was only able to take the SAT once and I did so without much studying bc I assumed I’d be able to retake it (as many others did)

will colleges look more at ECs/interviews/involvement in community to judge who gets merit scholarships this year or will I honestly be at a significant disadvantage without a super good SAT score.

Again, I know no one rly knows for sure but if you’ve heard anything from colleges and could give me ur best guess that’d be awesome:)!!

I have been wondering the same. I think the answer will vary. There are schools that still have SAT/ACT with GPA matrices showing where students get certain merit awards. Whether they are an oversight or still apply, I do not know. So much uncertainty this year

Arizona State has AUTO scholarships based purely on GPA . BAMA has competitive scholarships for the Presidential (Auto if you have score) but I don’t know how many they are giving out.

Son received auto merit at University of Arizona and submitted honors app, same at ASU. He applied to BAMA and reached out to counselor who said they have a honors placement plan for those without a score and it should be announced soon. All without SAT or ACT score.

Yes University of Arizona is not looking at SAT’s for auto merit. It really depends on the school but my D21 is in your same position. She has an “OK” score from Soph year. She was hoping to improve it last March but then Covid hit. Search for Auto Merit in these forums: BAMA, UNM, Arizona are some examples.

@LollieW did you hear about merit from ASU? We applied in August but have no info on any potential scholarships.