Merit Scholarships

<p>What does anyone know about the University of Chicago Merit Scholarships. Stats on who gets them etc. I've heard they're aimed at URMs, so I was wondering, since as an Asian, I'm not a URM.</p>

<p>Non URM students also get them. They have a small group, 10, I believe, reserved for City of Chicago residents. One's stats must be exceptional.</p>

<p>Can you give me some ballpark figures on exceptional? Or can I PM you my resume or stats or something?</p>

<p>Here is what the university says about its merit scholarships</p>

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<p>As you can see, attributes other than pure academic performance are considered. Chicago also has one of the largest populations of National Merit Scholarship holders, 5th in the country in 2002 (the last year for which I've seen data). </p>

<p>As one can see the requirements will be high. For one to receive the full tuition award, one most likely would have to demonstrate excellence at a national or international level.</p>

<p>From an earlier post on this topic:</p>

<p>"I know one student who received the scholarship last year (unfortunately, not from my household!). The student was nearly straight A with many AP classes at a selective public HS, had a 1550 (old) SAT & 35 ACT. The student led the team that won the HS a national academic championship, also won individual honors in the student's particular area. For EC's the main one was a two year research program at a top tier Univ. where the student developed a new approach to applying the concept of time-line in understanding ancient texts. The student also wrote outstanding essays and made it clear Chicago was first choice. I'm not sure what the others look like, but if this one is any indication, one has to be quite accomplished."</p>

<p>But, from a post from same thread:</p>

<p>"S -2nd year had 1570 old SAT, first in class. State awards. Accepted at Ivies, full ride Univ of Michigan and others. Nothing from Chicago but did have NMF award. Attending Chicago and loving it."</p>

<p>So, one guess as to what is required is as good as another...</p>

<p>See the recent Atlantic Monthly article (here's the lead in: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;) to learn why "Merit Scholarships" are not about merit alone. </p>

<p>My own observations over the past few years are quite consistent with the article's conclusions.</p>

<p>Here's an article on the CPS scholarship recipients in 2003. My sister happens to be friends with one of them. We can attest to his brilliance.</p>


<p>I believe that program has been expanded to 10 for the Chicago Public Schools. I don't think it counts against the 30 scholarships Chicago has given out over the years. I believe it is one of the oldest scholarship programs (the 30) of its type in the nation, and as such, not a reflection of current student competition.</p>