Merit scholarships

So my DD received scholarship offer today. Distinguished Merit level of $5k/year. Wondering if there is a higher level than this as website is not too transparent in this area. With DD’s high stats we were hoping for more.

Congratulations! Did she apply for the scholarship or was she awarded it? Also what were her stats?

Congratulations! DS applied for both merit and honors college. Still waiting to hear on both.

@wakectyregret, no extra application. Also waiting to hear about Honors. Stats are 1440 SAT, 3.7 GPA. Decent extracurriculars and leadership stuff. Good luck!

That’s great. Just curious did your daughter receive her scholarship with her acceptance? Did she do EA?

Applied EA and was admitted in December. Received scholarship notice last week.

hey guys I am OOS and im wondering if you guys are too because I have not received any financial information and I contacted the college today and all I was told was all financial info would be released “by April 1st”

Instate, EA and waiting for both merit notification and honors.

We are OOS.

My son got a merit of 5k and an honors college scholarship of 2.5k last Friday. He didn’t apply to honors. The membership was offered with the scholarship. Lucky guy.