Merit scholarships

Does anyone have detail on the automatic merit scholarships? Doesn’t appear to be a lot of info on the website other than it’s automatic. Thanks.

In case anyone was wondering withe me…the Marquette admissions’ rep was at my kids school last week. He said merit was 100% computer based. You get xx amount for your GPA and xx amount for your test scores…they combine and send with your admission. Having said that, he did not reveal the “tiers” for each.

My nephew got a fairly nice amount (I think about $60k/4 years) and he didn’t have drop dead stats. I think they are generous.

Have you tried running their Net Price Calculator?

Ahhh, thanks @austinmshauri . Marquette’s was very simple; just ran it.

Those with ‘simple’ NPC may not give the best picture. If they ask a lot of questions about gpa and scores, great. If not, you might just be getting a range. Call and ask.

All it asked for was GPA, weighted or unweighted, on what scale + each subsection score on ACT. Actually pretty similar to how the Marquette rep explained it.

@Finalthree I wonder how that works for students that don’t send their ACT score, now with the new test-optional policy. On their website it says students are not at a disadvantage by not sending their scores. Would scholarship $ be solely based on GPA?

@college571 - On the link there is no way to Opt Out of the test on the estimate page. If you send a note to the Marquette admission general email box they should get back to you right away.

My daughter is a sophomore at Marquette. She had 3.9 weighted GPA and 27 ACT score. She gets $12,000 per year in merit.

According to what’s on line, mine Should get $11K / year with a 3.6 UW and 26 ACT. The school doesn’t weight but I would guess if they did she may have closer to a 3.8. Still likely out of our price range though.

My D20 received $16K, which makes Marquette more expensive compared to other similar schools that offer better merit based scholarships. We visited many colleges and she did like Marquette and the nursing school there, it’s also popular destination for her high school students. Another $5K could make the difference.

@netpro, mine also got $16K so we were pleased it was higher than the $11K we were expecting. We may be at the mercy of where she gets accepted though - your daughter’s stats are much better than my kid’s and she will have more choices. I saw on the Xavier thread your D got accepted there as well (we are still waiting to hear from Xavier among a bunch of other schools).

My D20, another nursing admit, also received $16K Pere Marquette. That seems to be a common amount/discount. Hoping to be surprised with more, but that amount was not a shock by any means. It is just nice to have the first nursing admit under the belt.

My daughter got $16.5k which appears to be fairly standard for Marquette. She likes the college, but she has received far better merit for many of the other universities to which she has been accepted. Her stats: 3.78 GPA, ACT 29, heavy focus on AP/Honors, four years of Latin, plenty of leadership and volunteerism.

Just got my merit scholarship, curious as to what the high end of these scholarship is…does it max. out at a certain point?

@college571. Great question. I was wondering the same thing. I ran the net price calculator and it kicked out $18k. So is there a higher amount or more scholarships available? Because roughly $55K per year minus the $18K puts it in the same range as a lot of Midwest Public Universities (Illinois (in state), Iowa State, MN, Purdue, etc.) My son is interested in engineering.

@college571 @gohawks1 I got $23k/y with 34 ACT and weighted 4.4

My son received two scholarships - MU and Pere Marquette for a total of 33K

@momofginger what is the “MU” scholarship, did it come at the same time as the Pere scholarship? Do you know what the guidelines for this were? Just wondering as I don’t see anything on their scholarship website referring to it.