Merit Weekend!

<p>Anyone else get invited?
I'm very excited. I wasn't going to be able to visit Sewanee before this (to far = too much $$).</p>

<p>Hey TT, when did you get the invite?
This makes me nervous... haha</p>

<p>Just got my invite in the mail today...excited :)</p>

<p>I just got a letter from Sewanee expecting it to be a Merit Weekend invite and it ended up being an acceptance letter... with the President's Scholarship of 10,000 dollars...interesting.</p>

<p>i got the same thing as rfwcphs1 but nothing about a merit weekend...</p>

<p>merit weekend is for those who will get a scholarship of >$12,000(if you read the fine print). Hubbell's brother received his acceptance letter as well, with President's Scholarship of $5,000</p>

<p>Oh.. well that's lame. I need more than 10,000...</p>

<p>Woo!! Got my invite today!!</p>

<p>hubbellgardner- you said "will get a scholarships of greater than 12000?" If you're invited to the merit weekend, is it pretty much a sure thing that you'll get a scholarship? (just curious, I got my invite a while back and am going to the weekend). That would be very, very nice...</p>

<p>However, my merit host just emailed me to tell me that my faculty interviewer is a sonofab**** who likes to intimidate kids. I'm concerned. Speech impediment+introversion=I hate interviews even with nice people >.< Being sharp and witty in the face of a steamroller isn't my forte. I tend to cower in fear. So I'm dreading the weekend now...</p>

<p>@tinuviel- Confirmed with Sewanee admissions counselor. Every merit weekend attendee is guaranteed 12,000 dollars or more pending they don't do something super stupid i.e. drinking, drugs. And that's cool though that she emailed you and let you know who your interviewer was so that you wouldn't be completely caught off guard... </p>

<p>I'll see you there!</p>

<p>yeah - see you guys there! leave tomorrow.. dang</p>

<p>wish you guys luck; hubbell's brother just put a sewanee sticker on his windshield, so it looks as if may attend this fall as well.</p>

<p>What type of students get invited back for the Merit Scholarship weekend?
What do you think was the average SAT/ACT/GPA for those invited?</p>

<p>Hi, I'm a valid candidate for merit scholarships at Sewanee (GPA unweighted 3.8, SAT 1970 (1330), in many clubs with lots of leadership positions, meaningful essays, etc.). I also received my acceptance letter having applied Early Action (today). Inside there was no mention of a merit weekend invitation, let alone a scholarship under $12,000. Do any of you know if the merit scholarship letter comes separately from the decision letter? Thanks!</p>

<p>Yes, my S got an email first and then a letter that said he was accepted and a semifinalist for the Merit weekend. I am sorry you did not get this, but Congratulations on your acceptance!!!</p>

<p>shucks! thanks for letting me know!</p>

<p>Daughter just received acceptance and notification of being semifinalist for Merit Weekend. She must write 3 essays by the end of this week and they will invite the top 100 students to compete and interview for scholarships during that weekend. Anyone else in the mix? Anyone know how many semifinalists there are? Do they still pay all travel expenses?<br>

<p>Daughter just received phone call informing her that she is invited to the Merit Weekend and that the written notification is in the mail!</p>