Messed up PR stats URLs?

Maybe it’s just my browser (Safari 1.2.3), but links to profiles on ■■■■■■■ are coming out with asterisks.


<a href=“[/url]”></a>
<a href=“[/url]”></a>

What’s going on?

That means they blocked the following (w/out spaces): p r s t a t s . c o m /

Pretty dumb if you ask me.

I agree.

Can a mod provide the rationale?

Maybe ■■■■■■■ complained about getting CCd

I don’t like it being blocked, I like pr stats, and I planned on using it next year so I wouldn’t have to type down my stats everytime I wanted them evaluated

■■■■■■■ publicly advocates usage of websites and services that have instigated organized trollings (and variants) of College Confidential and its forums. I use it myself, but I think they’re justified in treating them however they want. If you want to put your own stats website on here, just stick it in your profile–it works fine for me.

The big question, though, is if they’re still censoring “iPod”… :slight_smile:

Edit: Huzzah!

Personal links, commercial links, etc. aren’t allowed. Links to major news sources and the like are usually OK. Referring members to offsite data isn’t something we want to do - we expect our threads to be useful to future readers, and hence any stats or source information should be part of the thread. We filter URLs where we see multiple drops occurring.

Because of the popularity of the forum, we have many people attempting to promote things here - one big reason why we limit linkage.

Thanks for the response! I’m not sure I agree with the policy, but I’ll abide by it.