Meteorology Grad School? HELP!

<p>Hello, I am currently a management major at Virginia Tech. I will be entering my junior year in two weeks. I recently decided I want to study Meteorology. I was figuring out ways to transfer to Penn State's meteorology program for the spring semester. </p>

<p>Well wouldn't you know it, I find out last night that Virginia Tech just approved a meteorology undergraduate program, starting this upcomming spring semester. Exactly when I wanted to transfer to PSU.</p>

<p>Here's my dilemma. Would it be best to transfer to an already well-established, prestigious, program at PSU or remain at VA tech and take up the new program? To clarify I plan on double majoring in Management and Meteorology. I decided I would keep my business degree since I am pretty close to finishing it. </p>

<p>I plan on going to grad school to earn a masters in Meteorology. From my knowledge undergraduate programs across the nation are pretty equivalent. Except for Penn State and Oklahoma. They seem to be regarded as the best schools in the nation for Meteorology. </p>

<p>I am pretty torn on what to do. I love Virginia Tech, love my friends there, and the process of picking up the second major will be MUCH easier then what I will have to do at Penn State. At Virginia Tech the program also requires you to do a field study. The field study is a month long Storm chase through the great plains. It looks incredible haha(I want to be a storm chaser). </p>

<p>At Penn State I cannot transfer into the business school because of restrictions that they have, and unfortunately I cannot transfer into the Meteorology program because of 16 credits of Calculus I do not have. I have been on the phone with Penn State advisor's and they have this program in the same college as Meteorology known as Energy Bussiness and Finance. That is what I would double major in if I went to PSU. The advisor I spoke too said that I should be able to transfer into that program and then pick up meteorology hopefully the following semester. </p>

<p>So after my long rant, I ask what would you advise? I am guessing that getting a degree from PSU as opposed to a brand new program at Virginia Tech would probably look better to grad schools, but I also like to believe that if I keep my GPA up(right now a 3.7). and continue to strengthen my resume, it won't matter much. </p>

<p>Can anyone help me?</p>