MetroPCS commercials--help me!!

<p>The MetroPCS commercials with the two Indian guys hosting a talk show--I don't get it!!</p>

<p>---Is it a parody of something I don't know about?
---Does the ad firm think we should naturally laugh at Indian guys?</p>

<p>I don't see the point of those commercials.</p>

<p>What am I missing?</p>

<p>well, I just googled to watch this...</p>

<p>I think the idea is they are Indian (but dressed hilariously like Americans) and trying to sell you cell phone stuff, because when you call for help, you are often directed to India. So, they have an awesome deal for you...</p>

<p>and then there is a guy on a segway, b/c... segways are awesome. I guess</p>

<p>of course, there are some people who have blasted the ad as racist.</p>