MetroPCS Community Scholars

<p>Hey all. Did anyone apply for the MetroPCS Community Scholarship of $1000 and receive it? Their website says that finalists were notified January 11th and recipients were notified February 28th and I wasn't notified so I assumed that I wasn't chosen. But I just received a letter in the mail congratulating me and inviting me to a presentation where I will get a MetroPCS "prize pack." Did this happen to anyone? Does this mean I wasn't chosen for the $1000 but I got some sort of honorable mention? Or did I get the $1000 and they just never notified me because they have the wrong email address maybe?</p>

<p>were you notified in january as a finalist?</p>

<p>No I wasn't. That's why I thought I didn't get the scholarship. Were you? Did you get the same letter? When you were notified, did it come in the mail or email?</p>

<p>I didn't get that letter, but i was notified in january. i received it a few days after they said i would.. so i'm hoping to receive something back soon. maybe i'll receive that letter tomorrow? i don't really know. and i was notified by mail.</p>

<p>and no i didn't receive that one, i received a different one in january.</p>

<p>They just called me and said I got the scholarship! Hurray! There was some sort of mistake with my email or the computer so I wasn't notified. They said it might be a problem with everyone and they might have to call all the winners. Good luck! $1000, a "prize pack" and a free phone with 6 months of free service. I'm so happy, this is the first scholarship I've ever gotten! They said the winners might be asked to go on a radio show and talk about their community service.</p>

<p>congrats!! hopefully i'll get mine tomorrow :)</p>

<p>so.. you got an email?</p>

<p>Haha, lucky duck! Congrats!! Hopefully I'll be notified tomorrow! <em>crosses fingers</em></p>

<p>Thanks! No I didn't get an email. I got a letter in the mail saying I would get a prize pack and a cell phone and I was confused because I was sure I was eliminated since I was never notified as a finalist. I called the phone number listed in the letter and they said I was on the list of scholarship recipients. Good luck to you all!</p>

<p>ohh alright! hopefully i get mine too Mika!</p>

<p>what states are you all from? I'm from the Great Lakes state, and since the schoalrship is being administered in Texas I thought it'd take longer to reach me.... maybe? (I did receive the finalist letter)</p>

<p>i'm from Cali</p>

<p>I'm from California too</p>

<p>I'm from Georgia.</p>

<p>dang.. that's not good.. hopefully tomorrow then! what part of cali?!</p>

<p>Bay Area. Don't they choose multiple people from each region? Also, the phone number in the letter had an Oakland area code.</p>

<p>yes.. at least that's what i've heard.. </p>

<p>well.. i'm from the sacramento area.</p>

<p>****, you're from the bay area.</p>

<p>Just checked the mail and still nothing. ]:</p>

<p>Has anyone else heard from them yet?</p>