Metropolitan Museum of Art 2021 Spring High School Internship


I was wondering if anyone has heard back about getting an interview for the Metropolitan Museum of Art 2021 Spring High School Internship?

The website says they would reach out to applicants early December 2020 to schedule interviews.


hey! did you get an email a few days after the deadline? I thought interview notifs will be late December?

Yes! I just double-checked and misread it the first time. I thought it said by the 18th but now see it said by the 28th. Feeling better about not hearing yet.

same! I remember reading early December but I guess they extended when we hear back! Fingers crossed :,D

did you get positive news about the interview / internship? checking in a few months later LOL

Unfortunately not, but did get an internship elsewhere which opened up lots of doors for me so worked out.