Metropolitan Museum of Art high school summer internship

I recently applied for the high school internship at the Met, and I was just wondering if anyone on here had been accepted into the program and could give me some insight and tell me their experiences. Also, what might I expect in the interview stage? Thanks!

I applied too and I was wondering if you got an email from them about the interview. I know we were supposed to hear from them today.

me too!! When will we find out?

Wow, I thought I was the only one! I haven’t gotten an email yet either!

let me know when you guys get the email. fingers crossed!

I emailed them asking about my apolication, hopefully they reply soon

I haven’t got an email either… Is everyone suppose to get the email?

im so glad i found this thread! i have been checking my email every hour! good luck to you all

I emailed them and they said we would hear back by the end of the week.

thanks so much! i’ve been freaking out

I received the email at 7:07 today and probably everyone else got it today by now?

I got the email

Did you get into the interview phase?

Hey guys!! I should have logged into CC yesterday because I was freaking out too! I also kept checking my email constantly and panicking and then got the automatic email response when I tried to ask them!

I got into the interview phase and I’m so excited :))
Anyone have any tips for it?

Hey guys! I got my email! I advanced to the interview stage! Best of luck to you guys too! I’m super excited!

I advanced too!!!

@kosmickookie do you know about when we have to submit possible interview dates? I’m thinking probably by tomorrow night latest but idk

I like how we’re all new members here haha

@sk2001 I’m not sure when the “deadline” is because they didn’t specify in the email. But I would submit it asap because you might have a better chance at getting the date you want and you’ll get the confirmation sooner :slight_smile:

advanced also
as for the deadline, i think they just want it asap to figure out the logistics

Just curious, but what department did everyone chose?
Like u don’t have to answer it if you don’t wish to, but just curious.