MFA Creative Writing Funding for Out-of-Stater

<p>Hello, a few questions today:</p>

<p>-Does the undergrad in state/out of state distinction still exist and in roughly the same proportion for the MFA? My homestate has few programs, leading into Question 2,
-Is there a compiled list or guide somewhere about different programs and their funding? I'm not tied down, so I'm open to anywhere in the country, but of course do not have time to go through 200 department websites let alone apply to dozens.</p>

<p>Out-of-state status is almost never a factor for graduate admissions or funding.</p>

<p>But you need to adjust your attitude with regards to program research and applications. If you want to be a serious candidate, you have to make the time to visit department Web sites and contact professors. Graduate admissions are both much more selective and much more personalized than undergrad. Developing relationships with professors at schools can be the difference between admission and rejection. Finding the right fit is paramount, and that information can only be found in faculty listings, c.v.'s and publications.</p>

<p>You will also need to apply to a relatively large number of departments if you wish to have a high chance of admission/funding. Many doctoral hopefuls apply to a dozen programs or more.</p>

<p>Graduate school is a lot of work. Getting in is also a lot of work. There are no magic shortcuts to finding the best program for you.</p>