MFA film programs at UCLA, USC, AFI, CalArts, NYU, SAIC & Chapman

<p>Hi. I graduated with a 3.45 undergrad GPA from a UC; I got my degree in film. I don’t have much professional work experience in film or in general but I just finished my debut feature and I’ve made a lot of short films. I’ve also done various projects in other mediums for various classes that I could possibly present. As of now I haven’t been published and I haven’t been screened at any festivals but I’ve been included in some small art/film exhibitions but not many. My portfolio is mostly just film. I’ll have letters of recs from 2 professors one of whom I’ve worked with on a film and a third letter from a prominent art dealer I did videowork for. I’m a slightly above average writer so my personal statement and creative written material should be pretty good after some refining. I’m 24 and an immigrant if that make any difference. I want to apply to the MFA programs at USC, UCLA, AFI, Cal Arts, NYU, Chapman and SAIC. Can anybody shed some light on their own experiences applying to said programs and vaguely what my chances are? What are the most important things to focus on? Is it important that my portfolio demonstrate abilities in other mediums?</p>