MFA Graphic Design and Illustration

<p>Hey there. I'm graduating University of Delaware, Visual Communications in the spring. I'm applying to various grad programs for Fall 2011. I would love some feedback on some of the schools I'm considering, and tips for portfolio, whether the schools is more experimental or conservative, etc. You could also tell me my chances. My main portfolio is down at the moment as it's moving servers, so I all I have really is a couple of things on DA and Behance. My GPA is 3.0, 3.2 in my major. I'm president of the student art club, and my professors seem to love me so rec's should be easy.</p>

<p>Behance portfolio:
Katy</a> Orr on the Behance Network</p>

katyorr's</a> Gallery</p>

<p>These examples are kind of limited, as I usually market myself in digital illustration to get freelance gigs, I also paint, and have a much more diverse portfolio.</p>

<p>Schools I'm considering:</p>

<p>Yale - Graphic Design
RISD - Graphic Design
SVA - Illustration as Visual Essay
MICA - Illustration</p>

<p>Others are Cal Arts, Cranbrook. I am open to suggestions as well, epsecially for Illustration, I can't seem to find too many schools that offer MFA in that area. I'm also open to schools in Europe.</p>

<p>Any advice would be awesome, and information on the programs from anyone that went through them. Thanks!</p>

<p>From my little knowledge of MFA programs from fellow classmates who applied - I would be prepared for <em>very</em> stiff competition for places like Yale (rejects everyone I hear) - I believe Cal Arts might also be very competitive too. Sorry I can't be more helpful but to say be prepared for potential rejection from the top places (not that you are or aren't a good artist but these places are just very competitive)</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply! I'm going into this with knowing that most grad programs are very selective, not to mention that Yale is very well known. I plan on applying to multiple ones, and just hope I get in somewhere :) Never hurts to try tho!</p>