MFA in Graphic Design: Pratt vs SCAD

Hello friends! I’ve recently applied to SCAD, Pratt Institute, RISD and UF for an MFA in graphic design/visual communication. Happy to say I’ve received acceptance from SCAD and Pratt, waiting on UF. Both SCAD and Pratt were in my top 3, so I’m mainly choosing between the two- Unless anyone has a strong opinion on UF!

I have a BA from USF in Integrated Public Relations and Advertising with a certificate in Visualization and Design. Upon graduating, I realized I wanted more of a creative focused education, as well as a focus in design. I’m aiming to work within the publishing design industry, as well as entertainment spaces.

So far from my research, I really like SCAD’s multitude of connections, the campus layout and building interior designs (so fun!) as well as the required electives apart of the MFA program. There are really specific classes to specific careers which is pretty exciting. Pratt has a lot of prestige and recognition from what I can tell, and the connections and job opportunities in New York are second to none! However, aside from that I don’t know much about the campus or student life compared to SCAD.

I would love any advice, opinions, experiences or thoughts between the two!