MFA Painting Programs

<p>I'm looking for some input on MFA programs in painting/studio art. My top choices right now are Temple/Tyler, MICA, Cornell, American, UPenn, and maybe Columbia. Anyone know anything about these programs?</p>

<p>hi artgal, i am also looking for information on that. maybe we can compare notes?</p>

<p>just checking to see if this works...</p>

<p>I've found what looks like a really good teacher training and painting MFA program at MCAD. Temple and MICA also look like hidden real-world gems with overall attractive programs, Pratt, RISD, and SVA and Columbia have their reputation to ride on, but no direct links to faculty on the Columbia MFA page makes you wonder if Fisher Landau is running the show. So I'm wondering which programs did artgirl & artgal06 choose ?</p>

<p>thanks for bringing up mcad...they do look like they have a pretty nice program for painting.
i too am curious to where our first posters ended up going.
i am searching for graduate programs for fall 2009. i started a blog
so far mica and vcu are in my top........but im still unsure and i want more options.</p>