Mgmt 120a

<p>I am a pre-bus econ student entering UCLA this Fall and I was wondering is MGMT 120A difficult?</p>

<p>My schedule for the fall is Econ 11,41 and MGMT 120A.
My orientation leader was telling me my schedule would be difficult and that I should take something else instead of the MGMT.</p>

<p>I was wondering if anyone has taken it yet and how it is? I have it with Berges.</p>

<p>I took Berges for 120A, and I liked the class and the grade I got in it. I thought she was definitely a better instructor than Litt who is also teaching it this quarter. Three things about her style that appeal to me in particular above Litt's are that her classes are more interactive than his (she works out problems on the board and asks random people questions during class to keep them engaged), she has a better grip on the cheating problem that plagues accounting courses, and she doesn't allow people to take their exams home with them then repeat exact questions from years past on the new exams (which benefits people with accounting friends and/or people who frequent the test bank at the Student Activities Center while hurting everyone else -- remember that accounting classes are curved). </p>

<p>My advice would be to stick with 120A with Berges this quarter. Next quarter Ravetch will almost assuredly be teaching it (and 120B in the spring), and having a class with him should make your schedule much more challenging and time-consuming. </p>

<p>If you want a little easier of a load for your first quarter, you might try taking 41 next quarter since it's not a sequential class, swapping it for for an (upper division) elective from any department without a curve. Remember that not all of the 180 units (including 60 upper division) you need to graduate must come from your major(s) or minor(s).</p>

<p>Just remember that as a pre-business econ major, you need to do well in econ 11 and 101 (I believe get a 3.5 between the 2 of them?) and get a cumulative 3.3 or else they won't let you in. </p>

<p>I agree with the above poster, I would swap one of your classes for something easier like a GE. The students in Econ at UCLA are very competitive so it would be prudent to give yourself time to adjust to college. Since 41 is not a sequential class for example, there's no problem with taking it later. You are already ahead of the game for passing out of Econ 1 and 2.</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>Thanks for the input.</p>

<p>But how would you guys say Econ 41 compares to an introductory class? I had taken Intro to Stats before, so I thought that would make this class a little easier.</p>

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I was originally following this poster's advice. I know no one can judge someone else's capacity, but just wanted to get some more thoughts.</p>

<p>Also how would you compare Econ 11 to 101? I plan my next semester to be something like Econ 101, MGMT 122, and some other class. What I'm trying to get at is would it be better to Econ 41 with my current schedule or in the Winter with this one.</p>

<p>And if I do swap out Econ 41 class, what would be a decent or easy class to swap it for? It can be lower div too because I plan on doing the accounting minor and would have enough upper div.</p>