MHC not empowered, for now

<p>With Saturday's 15" of snow, MHC lost electric power at about midnight Sat/Sun. Apparently, a super power line covering the entire area went down in the heavy-wet snow. Dorms have only emergency lights - no lights in rooms, only halls. Tree limbs are down all over campus. Students told not to venture out of dorms due to falling tree limbs. Classes on Monday (at least) cancelled. Food being rationed, and all cafeterias closed except in student center. Heat is on after 15 hours off. Hampshire College evacuated some dorms. All 5 colleges closed for a while except UMass which apparently has significant emergency power generation. Last winter, MHC had 3' of snow, now this. Exciting, I guess.</p>

<p>Classes resume on Nov. 1. MHC was re-empowered at 8:30AM on Halloween. Trees devastated. MHC even emergency "housed" some Hampshire students. :) Nice.</p>

<p>When I was a student we went for two or three days without power when there was an underground problem of some sort. It was fun, everyone had flashlights, and we managed. MHC is in New's all to be expected!</p>