MIA: Common Data Set

I’ve searched all over, but cannot find the Denison CDS. If anyone could share a link, I would be most grateful.

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I have looked too and never found it.

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I’ve had conversations with Admissions about this – my understanding is that historically, it wasn’t posted, not for any specific reason, just because that’s how it used to be done. With changes in senior leadership at Admissions, my guess is it will probably become available in the future.

Denison “Fast Facts” online includes some of the information which would otherwise be on the CDS. The current version is for last year’s admissions cycle for the entering class of 2022, which had a 34% acceptance rate. For the upcoming first year class, the class of '23, the acceptance rate was 29%, there were over 8800 applications (an increase from the prior year of 10%). 49 states are represented and over 40 countries.

Class size is generally capped somewhere between 22 - 25, including Intro Biology, Econ etc. though there are some Intro classes that are 28 students. Other classes tend to be 16-18 or 22-25 students.

Hope that is helpful!

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@Midwestmomofboys Thank you for the data, it does help some. How odd. I thought CDS was a mandatory disclosure item, but maybe that’s the case only for public colleges.

Schools are not actually required to disclose it. Some don’t (UChicago, for example).

Just found commondataset.org and learned this is a collaborative effort, not a required disclosure! And then @intparent I saw your helpful reply. This board is amazing!

I was looking just now for the common data set and came across this link instead. Anyone have an idea about:
percentage of EA or ED acceptances
number getting in off the wait list
what admissions considers and values (geography, ranking, demonstrated interest are of particular interest)
Thank you

The most recent summary compiled by IECA (April 2018) said Denison’s ED acceptance rate was 65%, and that 40% 0f the class was filled by ED.

To get more recent data on ED etc., maybe just email your Admissions rep to explain are trying to learn more about admissions process and the school’s priorities.

Our experience has been that demonstrated interest matters because it helps Admissions understand whether it is a good “fit” – it doesn’t mean flying across the country to tour, if that’s not a practical option. It does mean contacting your admissions rep, finding out when/if they are in your area etc. in order to learn more about what Denison is looking for and understanding how you might contribute to the community. Denison looks for students who align with the culture of the community, and is not focused simply on getting in students with the highest stats to boost its US News numbers. The campus culture is one of engagement with the diverse (by LAC standards) community and mutual respect.

I didn’t think that Denison disclosed a Common Data Set for prior years either, so was surprised to see the IECA table suggests that’s where they got their numbers. I agree with the idea of checking with Admissions to see if they can confirm the information you are looking for. My son is at Denison, and it is my sense they are, as @Midwestmomofboys says, focused on fit. That makes sense given the small size of the school, and the town, and the requirement that everyone live on campus. They are also clearly looking for diversity of all kinds while at the same time trying to up their game overall. They use their substantial pool of merit money to further these objectives. With respect to demonstrated interest, my son applied RD and never visited the campus until after he was admitted, but he did have an alumni interview and also completed the optional “Why Denison” essay.

You can get some data here: https://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/?q=denison&s=all&id=202523

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