MIA or FLL on a Friday afternoon

<p>I know there's been a similar thread before, but hope someone will answer since there are a few things that have changed recently, namely the issues AA is having with on time departures/arrivals and cancelled flights.</p>

<p>My daughter wants to come home just for a weekend, so timing will be critical. She could leave her dorm around 1:45. I'm planning on getting a car service so there aren't any issues with taxi arriving on time reliably. </p>

<p>There's a 3:00 departure from MIA on AA, and a 4:30 departure on Delta. The AA connection looks tight in DFW, but gets her home at 7pm, which is much better than the Delta connection arriving at 10pm </p>

<p>Here's the real question....Southwest flight, w/ 1 stop but no change of planes out of FLL at 3:25. It seems the safer choice to me, since she would not risk a tight connection, but am very concerned about the time to get to FLL, especially on a Friday afternoon. I've asked the car service, and they estimate 45 minutes to FLL, so IF they are correct and there aren't any traffic glitches, she could be there at 230, exactly 1 hour before the flight. </p>

<p>So my dilemma is.......leave the dorm and head to MIA, hoping for ontime departure and no issues with connection @ DFW. Is the departure time doable? Leaving dorm at 1:45 (mapquest says 25 min), arriving MIA (with only carryon) 45 minutes prior to flight? Or is that just too tight?</p>

<p>And #2 how do you feel about leaving Hecht by 1:45 and getting to FLL by 2:30? </p>

<p>Am I just cutting it too close?</p>

<p>I think it is very optimistic on a Friday afternoon to get to FLL in 45 minutes. It took 1/2 hour for my kids in a taxi to get from the dorm to MIA. It should have been a 15 minute drive there…but traffic is plentiful in South Florida.</p>

<p>Relying on a 45 min trip from Hecht to FLL on a Friday is not sound. Either cut the last class on Friday and leave the dorms by 1 pm (latest) heading to FLL or leave at 1:45 as planned take the 4:30 Delta flight from MIA. My D missed a flight out of MIA last year due to transit time - we were cutting it too close - never again.</p>