Illustration major.

I’ve been accepted to both schools and received scholarships. With financial aid, price points are pretty close. I’m just having trouble making the final call. Does anyone have any information to share regarding experiences at either institution or personal opinions?

I know next to nothing about these institutions but here are a few ruminations. Given that the net cost is going to be the same, you need to consider non-pecuniary factors:

Have you visited each school to see where you think you fit in better? Do you see a lot of student work displayed? What do you like/dislike about that work?

Have you looked over the curriculum (both foundation and in the major) to understand better each school’s approach (interdisciplinary? Structured?)? Have you been able to speak with faculty?

What is each school’s reputation in your area of interest and overall? (keep in mind that many institutions don’t require you to declare a major till the end of foundation year at minimum because they realize that many students change their mind after matriculation. The foundation year is really a year of exploration as well as intense training).

You have two different areas of the country to consider - Midwest vs. the Pacific Northwest. Very different from one another. Most employers would be from the surrounding area(s). Chicago/Milwaukee has a thriving arts community, but so would Portland/Seattle, obviously. Which area fits you better?

Job placement is the key issue, of course: What is the placement rate for each school (x% working in their creative field within y months of graduation).

Good luck with your decision!