Miami - Jazz voice

<p>Has anyone heard from Miami for Jazz voice? I'm thinking no news is bad news??? I know a few kids that have heard from Frost for Musical Theatre.</p>

<p>My D is waiting to hear from jazz voice as well. No word yet, so think positive...Please post when you hear anything. We are far away and will probably get the mail last.</p>

<p>Nothing in NJ today.</p>

<p>I'm waiting for classical voice...
I called yesterday and they hadn't even made a decision on me!!!!!!!! Iwas like what are you waiting for! Although..I might switch into Jazz voice if I go there. shhh. don't tell them that lol.</p>

<p>nothing in CA today</p>

<p>Anything on myum? I mean...even if it is only the academic portion.</p>

<p>So I broke down and called Frost today. They said they mailed out decisions yesterday and today. Told me (reluctantly) that my D was accepted to vocal jazz BUT rejected by UM for academics. She has low SATs - 1060, but a 3.62 unweighted GPA. Gonna wait to see the letter but she's a really talented musician. Got honorable mention in NFAA vocal jazz this year, etc. Cannot believe that did not make up for low SATs. Looked at stats on UM thread and kids with lower grades but higher GPAs have been waitlisted. I was pretty stunned and did not ask them any relevant questions...don't want to tell my D as she has a big competition Monday, so will wait for the mail and see exactly what they say. I am bummed, as she really liked it there. Maybe it is for the best, but wondering if I should be a pushy parent and see if there is any chance of reversing the decision...?</p>

<p>Oops I mean lower grades and higher SATs. Seems SATs are pretty important to UM. Should have made her retake it in hindsight.</p>

<p>If you had good interactions with any of the vocal faculity, I'd give them a call and find out what your options are instead of calling admissions directly. This might go better as an "inside job."</p>

<p>My $0.02...</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. Maybe the good part about auditioning in person and visiting classes is that you actually meet the profs. Afraid this will doom any prospects of music merit aid tho.</p>

<p>Singermom2...didn't you say she DID get accepted into the music program? My understanding is that UM awards merit aid from the music department, and the school also awards academic merit aid.</p>

<p>We know of someone who got a mighty nice academic scholarship but hasn't heard about music merit yet. I think the two are very separate at UM.</p>

<p>Your D probably isn't in the running for academic merit aid, but I think you probably already knew that.</p>

<p>At some places, if the music professors really feel a student will be a huge asset to their studio, they CAN lobby with admissions. In most cases, the student needs to have stats that are in the "ball park" for a regular admission. Perhaps the music folks will be able to advocate for your daughter. It's worth a call. Any chance your D can make the call instead of you?</p>

<p>Yes, they said music wanted her. I am assuming they distribute their aid amongst kids actually accepted by university tho, so wouldn't it be gone by the time the letters are sent out? </p>

<p>Seems like it would be most appropriate for shy D to make the call -- she has to want it enough to make it happen. It will be hard for her, but perhaps part of the growing up thing. She did seem to have a connection with some of the profs we met. I sure couldn't have navigated this complicated process at 18.</p>

<p>Singermommmm :(
I'm sorry for that news. I feel that sometimes it's RIDICULOUS how a stupid SAT score inhibits someone from being accpeted to a great music weighted is higher than those who got weightlisted. Ugh. I feel so badly but you know what, for some reason, it must have been meant to happen that way. There's something else out there for your daughter that maybe you guy scan't see yet (even though she doesn't know.)<br>
I did about that well on the sats and applied to frost sooooooo i'm not lookin g forward to my results X_X. GOod luck to you and your daughter.</p>