Miami Ohio Business Honors

<p>Does anyone know anything about it? Any chance there are any students or alum on collegeconfidential?</p>

<p>Anyone know the prestige it has at financial hubs like NYC(ibanking and other finance jobs)?</p>

<p>Any opinions on muohio business honors program vs. utexas' regular business school?</p>

<p>irish200 is a business honors student and I am a prospective student.</p>

<p>My personal opinion on Miami Business Honors vs. UT McCombs regular is that both will get you great jobs after can't go wrong at either. However, you need to consider how you learn. If you like big, lecture style classes, McCombs will be a better fit. If you like small classes where the professors will know you, Miami will be a better fit.</p>

<p>I'm a Miami alum from the Farmer business school. I agree with nathanTX07 in that the Miami business honors program offers small class sizes. Another big advantage is priority scheduling. The business school does a good job with internships. I know there is a formal internship program for a semester in Washington, DC; but there are a number of internships available in NYC and elsewhere. Miami's career placement office does very well with job placement overall, including Chicago, DC, NYC, etc. Both Farmer and McCombs are top 25 business programs, so you're going to get a great education either way. I found Farmer to be VERY challenging, but the resources are there, and advisors do care. Miami is known for having an undergrad teaching focus, so you won't have that many TA's - especially in the honors program. If you have an interest in international business, Miami offers a great opportunity via our own campus in Luxembourg. To be honest, I'd choose an honors program over just about any regular business program due to the extra attention you'll get. You're talking apples and oranges.</p>

<p>as nathantx a business honors student.</p>

<p>the program is only a few years old...and currently has an 100% job acceptance rate. Each graduating class has about 35 members....and you take many of your core business classes with this you will get to know many of your classmates very well. As an honors student you also schedule first (huge advantage...i dont have class wednesdays or fridays)</p>

<p>i was talking to my marketing prof the other day: she told me when recruiters come to Miami they look at the honors kids first...and snatch them up. She told me that 6 kids that graduated last year are working as buisness analysts for delloite and making $62,000 starting salary (+$7000 starting bonus)...the company will also finance an MBA program. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me</p>

<p>I know many people who now work in Charlotte (a financial hub)</p>

<p>i'm a prospective student accepted bus. honors</p>

<p>i wish i could of gotten in the honors program, any chance you can apply for it after you got in regular?</p>

<p>Although I attended and graduated before Farmer had an honors program, I did major in business. Things that stand out, even today years later are things like:</p>

<p>+The fact that I have been offered every job I ever interviewed for since senior year at Miami. By Christmas of senior year, I had two excellent job offers from companies that were the top of their respective industries (one of which found me via my resume through the Career Planning and Placement Office)
+Miami's business education (IMHO) is more reality-based than some that are theory-based. What I mean by that is that there is almost a graduate level of case classes and interaction with professors who have lived and worked in the business world. For example, classes that I remember years later: Business Law (taught by a retired business attorney), Production Management (taught by a person with 18 years of manufacturing productivity consulting experience), Accounting I & II (taught by someone with 20 years at a Big Eight[back then that's what it was]).
+Today I own two businesses and sit on the boards of several community organizations. Almost daily I utilize things that were taught to me during my business education at Miami. I wouldn't trade my degree or the place that I earned it for any amount of money.</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>You can apply for regular Honors after you've been at Miami for a semester, but I have no idea about Business Honors. I don't see any information for current MIami students wanting to join Business Honors, but I'll ask my friends.</p>

<p>Yes, you can apply to be in business honors, just make sure you do it in your frosh year, or very early in your soph</p>

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