Miami Univ Presidential Fellows 2025

As “mId jAnUAry” is closing on, please update us with any fresh info about PFP.

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According to a representative from the admissions office on the admitted student parent page, here are the dates decisions will be released:

January 22: Presidential Fellows Program finalists letters released (mailed)

January 25: Presidential Fellows Program finalists emails released (hoping to have mailers and emails arrive at generally the same time)


Hi - I’m a current (freshman) Presidential Fellow and I vividly remember this time of year :slight_smile: It’s so hard to wait but I’m crossing my fingers that this next week (and/or few months) fly by for you!

If you have any questions let me know, although I assume that the interview process will be different than last year due to COVID . I’d love to answer questions about my experience at Miami - I was on-campus this fall and am returning to campus in a week! Absolutely love it here :slight_smile:


My son has applied for this scholarship. He has very high grades (top 3 in his class) and a lot of extracurricular (sports, volunteer, etc.). What type of grades and activities did you have? Thank you!

Hi! I was just wondering what your stats were like and what kind of questions they asked you. Thank you!

I’m just copying this from a post I made last year:

  • White female
  • OOS (MN) 35 ACT (36E/36R/35S/31M)
  • Top 10% of class
  • 3.95 unweighted GPA
  • AP tests: four 5 scores, four 4 scores
  • Short (like a week long program) internship @ state house of representatives, cross country captain, french club officer, some volunteering
  • My mom didn’t finish college - not sure if Miami sees that as first-gen or not

Honestly I was beyond shocked when I got the scholarship (and when I was invited to even interview for it) because compared to many people, my extracurriculars aren’t ~that~ prestigious or competitive. I think the strength of my essays definitely helped - I made sure that they sounded as genuine as possible. I really think Miami is looking for students who genuinely want to enrich the campus.

Crossing my fingers for your son!!

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I just responded to another question with my stats ^^^^, and I won’t say the questions specifically because a) I don’t really remember them and b) I don’t want to give anything away, but they only asked direct questions in the personal interview part. Those questions were your standard interview questions, nothing super out of the blue.

Much of the weekend was them (“them” being professors, application officers) observing you in a group, both in and out of the designated Activity Times.

Emails are coming out today for finalists! Good luck to everyone that applied! For those that aren’t finalists, the admissions office said you won’t receive an email today, but will get one at another time.

Congrats! Did your email indicate how many applicants are invited? Also please share your stats/notable EC’s if you feel comfortable, I’m curious for my D24 what type of stats are typical of this group.

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According to Miami AO on Miami admitted students facebook page last year over 3300 applied for PFP, 89 invited finalists, 24 offered. 15 enrolled.

My daughter got email invite today as well. 35ACT, 4.0 UW, 4.46W. 10AP’s. Ec’s good (varsity and travel softball, XC, summer volunteering in a low income children’s program, President of interact club.) but nothing really special.

Congratulations @riptide5225 and good luck.


My son received the invite today as well. 1520 SAT, 5.58/5.0, 11 APs, AP Scholar with Distinction, Commendation for Biliteracy (Spanish),Theatre, Piano,Math team, NHS, Secretary of SHS (Spanish honor society), multiple math awards for competitions, AMC qualifier.

Does anyone know when the decisions come out for the recipients of the scholarship?

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My student is a PF. It was March 5th last year.
Congrats to the finalists!

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@burghdad If I remember right 69 attended the weekend.

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What is the best part of being a Presidential Fellow (beyond the scholarship)?

I would say absolutely going in knowing people. We made a group chat for all the recipients and Zoomed several times over the spring and summer, bonded in the group chat, met up for dinner when everyone moved in, etc… I’m probably closest to the other Fellows right now although I have friends from other parts of campus. It’s wonderful to have a community pre-made when you go to college (also, there are the older Fellows who are so welcoming and kind!).

Besides that, I would say it’s helpful to name-drop the Fellows title in certain situations. I don’t tell any students about it, but I mentioned it in emails to professors regarding research opportunities and I think it absolutely sets you apart. I actually just spoke to a professor yesterday about adding another major and he not only remembered me from the Fellows Finalist weekend, but he was one of the faculty who interviewed me!! In that way I would say it’s excellent for networking.

(Lastly, we get the first time slot for registration. An absolute life-saver. Also, it’s super fun to see the Crawfords on campus and say hello – their dogs are adorable!!)

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience, we really appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

Current fellow here! We just made an UNOFFICIAL Presidential Fellows Instagram account. If you’re interested in seeing some of the current fellows, feel free to check us out at mupresfellows ! (The account is NOT affiliated with Miami University and is completely student-run. We just thought it would be nice to have a central ‘hub’ where fellows could connect!)

Did any of the Presidential Fellows Finalists receive a decision today? My son who was a finalist who participated in the competition and had the interview, received an email saying he wasn’t selected for Prodesse. He wasn’t interested in Prodesse nor did he apply. He heard nothing about the decision on the Presidential Fellows which is what he was a finalist for :thinking:

I was also a finalist and I haven’t heard anything either. I was also thinking it might come out today so we’ll see. However, my “View Update” button in the portal did have a slightly different PDF as it now shows I was accepted to Honors College and Prodesse whereas before it just said Prodesse so I wonder if accepted Presidential Fellows can see some sort of change in their acceptance letter for that?

Interesting. I will have to have my son check the portal when he gets back from work. We were very confused by the email because we assumed we would be getting the results on the presidential fellows results. In fact we were told it would be today. As far as I know he never checked the box as being interested in Prodesse. He did receive news about the honors college a couple months back so that part he already knew about. Keep me posted please if you hear anything, and good luck to you!