Miami University (OH) financial aid

How much do you guys know about financial aid at Miami? Do they give a good amount to middle class families? Share your experiences

Have you run their net price calculator (NPC) to get an estimated cost?

Don’t have any experience with this school, just remember seeing this merit scholarships on their website

From our experience, Miami follows their published scholarship guidelines very closely. We are in-state and both my Ds received very generous offers from Miami - class of 2019 and class of 2021.

Does anyone know if they use a weighted GPA if that’s what the HS submits to qualify for these merit scholarships?

My son was in highest merit range and got pretty much lowest amount. Moving on to other options

@Bezmom – yeah, same. Very disappointing and quite surprising.

I was in the highest merit range and got somewhere in the middle of the range for OOS. I also got extra money for being in an Academic Scholars Program, which I would definitely look into. I would say it was more than I expected.

So they don’t necessarily follow the range on their webpage? It says an ACT of 33+ earns half to full tuition. That’s a $16,000 per year difference, so I was actually hoping to find out what the cut-offs within that range are - like how much between $20,000 and $36,000 would an OOS student with an ACT 34 and 4.0 GPA get? Balyor has a “calculator”, but I couldn’t find anything like that for Miami.

My son applied this year from New Jersey with stats similar to yours and received a 50% reduction off the list price OOS for a total COA of about $25k/yr

There is no formula within the range; other qualitative considerations come into play. Also, the ranges and amounts vary a little bit from year to year.

read through this whole thread and you’ll see lots of answers of what people were awarded this year. They varied. My kiddo with 34ACT and 3.96 received at first 23$K a year; then they bumped it up to $27K. He wrote no essays nor applied for any honors. maybe he just applied through common app? Don’t remember.

The school is intriguing; they do have a high annual fee structure though on top of tuition and as our family with 4 kids is looking for merit based opportunities, it wasn’t a true contender.