Miami University (OH) Rescind Amission


I am a high school senior getting halfway into my final semester. I have been severely slacking in one of my classes (AP Psychology) and could possibly end up with a D. I am studying Finance in Farmer and am worried that they could rescind my admission. These are my likely 2nd semester grades:

American Law and Justice: C (C 1st Semester)
AP Psychology: D (C 1st Semester)
College in High School Stats: A (B 1st Semester)
Calculus: C (B 1st Semester)
AP English Language: B (C 1st Semester)

Would Miami Rescind Admission based on these grades?

I also received a scholarship of 7000 based on my miami wgpa being above 3.0. My school also sent out a mid year report back in January to all the colleges I applied to that included my 1st semester grades.

No other Ds or Fs in all of my years of high school. UW GPA: 3.105 WGPA(Based off of High School): 3.68

The D could be a problem and get you rescinded.

Stop slacking and get your grades back up ASAP. You still have time.


I assume pass/no credit is not an option for AP Psych at this point?

I suspect that Miami will be lenient with outlier hs grades this year, knowing that many students are struggling. If you end up with the D, address it directly with Miami. Write them and explain what happened.

I think you’ll be OK.