Miami University - Ohio Class of 2025 EA & RD

American told everyone they got into Honors and of course 90% of people never applied.

In other words, schools “goof”…maybe Miami did too.


I just checked ours - I think this is just the first official letter - so not sure it was “revised” but - it’s all in one place.

I love how everyone counts the loan as aid…hmmmm…no it’s expense.


Same here, no revisions and I compared it to the letter we printed out previously. So strange.

@HankCT - My son was also informed he was selected. Sounds like it’s new this year (instituted in Fall 2020 I think they said) and not something you apply for, but rather you’re selected based on your admissions application.

He’s intrigued and actually, when we visited last week, he was given a one-on-one tour and chat with the head of the department. My son was quite impressed with their facilities, with the program, and with Dr. Bailey-Van Kuren. He committed to Miami this week and is part of the Honors College and will indicate his interest in the ET Leaders program when they figure out how to make the link to the interest form work! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Haha, we tried the link too and it was broken. Having said that, I noticed that there was a trailing space on the end of the link (ie %20 in hex) and I chopped that off and it did bring me to an actual site but said permissions were lacking. As a software engineer I was chuckling a little at how the link to the Emerging Tech Leaders was broken :slight_smile:

We are visiting next week, signed up for the standard tour originally but we actually just changed to Thursday as there is an admitted students day for the department. As for a one on one, that also sounds great. Let me know who I can ping for that? I exchanged an email or two with Gabe Lee.

The program was around before last year but it had a different name before last year and was likely a little different.

Thanks for your feedback!

Edited to add: Also, last night we received an email that said “You have an updated financial aid offer! Visit the …”. We got excited and thought perhaps that they had increased their merit offer along with the ET Leaders invitation, which would make some sense. But the letter itself was a brand new letter that said congratulations on your acceptance to the major, and here is your merit offer. It was the same exact letter and merit offer she received a few months ago (Redhawk Scholarship, we are OOS). Sort of a tease!

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Our letter was updated to remove the loan we declined and to include some money for national merit.

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My son also cut and pasted the link to try to access it and got the permissions note. He immediately emailed the department and got a response the next morning (yesterday). They said they were looking into it and would get back to him when it was fixed. We also chuckled at the tech error for the ETBD program!

For the one-on-one, my son just sent a request through their website - there is a big “Visit” button you can click that takes you to a visit request form. He filled that out, got a response fairly quickly, and was able to set it up for the same day as his admitted student tour. They worked with him to make sure there was enough room between the school tour and the ETBD tour so he wasn’t rushed.

It was an technical glitch. Folks who didn’t have revisions still got it. We did right about the time S21 was entering in information to accept!


Same here! I told my daughter Wait! Maybe they’re sending more $$ no such luck

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We got that ‘update’ email and there had been no change. Then, the next morning got an email they had reconsidered her app and named her a Prodesse Scholar (we are also OOS with 21K initial scholarship and now +2K). Still about $14k short of what we had hoped for when she applied :wink:


Another $2K? Congrats. My daughter started sending in her withdraws and withdrew from Miami. Just too isolated for her.

Congrats on the additional $$2K. Every bit counts.


We never actually made it to Miami - skipped it a couple weeks ago because the money is just not enough. From what I am reading sounds like there is nothing in Oxford?

It was surprisingly small. They have this place - the Bagel and Deli - I mean, the strip was a block long.

But tuition is $16K after the $21K off - so that’s pretty reasonable in today’s world - and they guarantee the cost four years.

Where’s your better deal?

My daughter has full tuition at Pitt and several others in the same range as Miami. She is a computer science major and the program is stronger at Pitt. Hard to pass that up, but she may actually accept University of Illinois at almost full price because the CS program is so strong. She has a high school friend who got full tuition at Miami who also just got an added $2K on top of that.

Wow, I wish your daughter was my daughter :slight_smile: Full tuition at Pitt - then yes, you can’t consider Miami.

UIUC is strong - but have you been? The campus is dreadful. Haven’t been to Pitt but only hear good things.

I’d go for the freebie- that’s big savings.

Congrats to her.

My daughter chose her fit - not her cheapest and pretty much her 2nd lowest ranked of 21 applied (College of Charleston) but the best for her - and i’m not sure if that’s good or not. But it should be - more should (assuming they are affordable) choose based on fit.

It sounds like, since you don’t want middle of nowhere with no town, Miami would be right for her anyway.

Earning free tuition at Pitt and getting into UIUC for CS are fantastic accomplishments. We are in at Pitt - and I was excited about it- but they gave exactly $0 so we never went to check it out.

I’m originally from Pittsburgh, and imo the Pitt campus is dreadful. Drab, gray buildings in a gray climate, very little green space. But I’m sure there are positives as well!

It’s funny. I have no experience with Pitt but on the CC people rave. One day I hope to get there.

When I was going to get my MBA, UIUC flew me in from California for a preview weekend which amazed me. Flying in I knew it was horrible. A day there confirmed this. After a day I rented a car. Drive to IU. taking advantage of the free flight.

I took my son two years ago a day after taking him to Purdue and he was like dad, I’d be miserable. I said nothing in advance.

Maybe the similar ‘opinion’ gene runs in the family :).

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my son did not care for UIUC either. I was unimpressed with the drive in from the interstate. Nice assortment of restaurants though.

My daughter got into Purdue for Engineering but we didn’t go visit it. I would have liked to though personally. It was months after applications were due, in the worst of Ohio’s winter weather, that D was determined to get to a warmer climate. Hence her decision to go to UofSC!

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If she works hard, she’ll be fine. My son got $10K so Purdue was reasonable and he still turned it down - for Bama - because the dorms were nice.

He applied to 300+ jobs this summer for internships and got a fair amount of interviews, albeit only one offer - but it’s a good one at an automotive OEM where he’s on a team with kids from GA Tech.

I do think a higher pedigree school would be great for engineering but he had no problem getting interviews - so I’ll assume maybe he didn’t interview great (and he’s too stubborn to go get help in the career center).

My daughter also going to a lesser pedigree school although she’s in an Honors cohort (group within Honors) so I’m hopeful it delivers. U of SC Honors was her second choice.

In the end, they have to spend four years and if Columbia works for your daughter and Charleston for mine, that’s where they should go.

Too many are going for pedigree - but if you’re gonna be unhappy, what’s the point?

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