Miami University - Ohio Class of 2025 EA & RD

I thought I would make a forum for everyone to ask questions/make comments regarding Miami Universities EA application.


Thanks. I’m guessing they don’t send out notifications on a rolling basis but all at one time. Do you know if merit is in the acceptance notifications?

The website says decisions for early action are release by Jan 15. It doesn’t specify whether it’s rolling or not. I’m hoping it is and that they tell you about scholarships at the same time !!

I did a live chat with admissions and they said that merit will be released at the same time as decisions. I have two kids at Miami, and one who is applying this year, and I know from the Miami parents FB page that ED’s already came out the weekend before Thanksgiving, (which is earlier than previous years). I would find it hard to believe the EA’s will have to wait until Jan. 15. I’m certainly hoping not, anyway.


My older daughter received her admission two years ago on 12/13 and the merit award on 12/19.

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@1Cricket just to clarify, a decision was released on 12/13 for early action 12/1? That seems very fast but great!

@ajwetzel - she applied EA and I think the deadline was 12/1 (I don’t know for sure). She applied a few months before that.

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Thanks for posting this. I had heard of someone at a nearby school that was accepted around this time but the ED date hadn’t passed yet so I wondered what was up. I’m thinking that now that it has passed (Dec 1) and the notification is Dec 15, that some more students will start to hear right away about their ED and the rest on the actual Dec 15 date and soon after that the EA applicants will start coming.

When my oldest applied there 6 years ago the EA notification was January but he heard in mid December with his merit scholarship pretty quick as well. When one of my daughters applied 2 years ago, she heard in December, but it took awhile to receive her merit award. This time I’m thinking they may be quick with the merit money.

Based on the amount of email and mail they have been sending, especially relative to my other kids, their applications are way down. Of course, figures that a week after my son applied they offered to waive the application fee if he watched a virtual session. Too late! :frowning: He applied ED somewhere and it would be nice to have this in the bag before hearing from his ED school. I did also hear that last year in the spring they wound up raising their merit scholarships to entice students to come. It would be nice if they did that or if they were quick this year especially because that SRAR was probably the biggest pain in the butt ever and my other 2 kids that applied never had to do that for any other school before including here.

Good luck to everyone.

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Miami actually re-reimbursed our application fee this year because my daughter (who is applying for fall 2021) did a Zoom/webinar after she submitted her application. How cool is that of Miami? Love and Honor!


Yes, I got a refund of the application fee because we watched parts of the virtual open house. It was a nice touch!


Someone told me that after the fact! I wish I had known to do it. Oh well.

So on my son’s checklist under status, it suddenly has “waived” next to his high school transcript and instead of it being checked off in green like it was before, it’s now gray. Does anyone know what that means?

It was previously checked off green on 10/14 and appears this status change to waived was made on 11/24. Why would they waive his transcript and what does that even mean? He applied EA.

My daughter’s HS Transcript line changed on her portal as well, exactly as you described.

I am only giving an educated guess here, but in my mind that means they will not be requesting official transcripts from our students as a pre-requisite for admission. However, there may be other applicants who are “on the bubble” for admission, and Miami will be asking them for official transcripts to review before making a decision.

I am sure Miami will ultimately be asking all enrolled/incoming first-year students for official transcripts at the end of senior year, per usual. So the SRAR just saved them some extra paperwork during the admissions process, but we will still be on the hook to send an official transcript in June, I believe.


That SRAR may have saved them some paperwork but it was literally one of the biggest pain in the butt’s for my son to fill out so we got all the extra work! :frowning: Fortunately it was the first application he turned in. I assume they only went with the SRAR this year because they went test optional. 2 of my other kids didn’t have this, one applied 2 years ago.

Good luck to your daughter! My son applied somewhere else ED so I’m hoping he at least gets to hear from them and their scholarship offer before he hears from his ED school if he’s accepted at the ED. I know some Miami kids have already heard from them ED. So hoping it’s soon.

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My daughter said her transcript changed to waived as well.

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We had to submit it to Miami and another school, so it was nice to have our hard work to be used at more than one school. I hope this is not the future trend. It was a total pain.


After filling out the SRAR, did anyone else’s GPA go down a lot? Mine went from a 3.866 to a 3.5 on the portal.

They standardize the GPA. So that all students can be compared equally. Some will go up, some will go down.

Yes, went from 4.62 to 4.3. Felt kind of gipped, but when I looked at how they weighted things and how they standardize everyone, it made sense.

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Son’s went from 4.96 to 4.42, but that is because his school treats honors/AP/1818 dual credit the same. It does make sense to standardize.