Miami University Presidential Fellows Program Class of 2026

Hi, does anyone know how we will find if our kids are finalists? And when?

It was my understanding that we would learn something mid-January (any day now?). On some earlier posts I’ve seen talk of Miami calling the student. I sure hope they email as well because my son NEVER answers his phone! (so irritating!)

My daughter doesn’t answer hers either! I read online that they may just send it through regular mail.

My D is a Presidential Fellow at Miami. She received her interview invitation via mail. The phone call was notification that she was chosen as a fellow.

Thank you for the information. Do you remember on what dates in January you got the call and the letter?

I recently read (from a CC post written last year) that the PFP invitation was received on Jan. 25, 2021. I am just guessing, but I marked Jan. 24, 2022 on our calendar to check in with D after basketball to remind her to check her Miami portal.

My D22 really likes Miami University and had a great experience and made friends with great kids at their Summer Scholars program. But, the merit money she was offered with her acceptance from Miami, although generous, is realistically not enough for our circumstances. At a minimum, she needs to receive sufficient money to cancel the OOS surcharge. Like you, we are hoping to receive a PFP invitation this month, which as you know would provide an opportunity to meet Miami VIP’s and future RedHawks and maybe even receive a larger financial offer. We are keeping our hopes high and our fingers crossed! Best of luck to you as well!


Thank you and good luck!

Hi. On the admitted student Facebook page for Miami, the rep on the site said that invitations would go out toward the end of this week. I believe the interview weekend is Feb 19-20 I think emails to check portals will be sent.


Thanks for sharing that info about admitted students family fb. That was the info and the nudge I needed. I have considered making a fb several times over the years. I always decided against it for the sake of time. But, that closed fb for Miami admitted families was too tempting to pass up. Who knows—Could I be the last Gen Xer to make a fb acct?! Lol!

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