MICA scholarships

Hello. Wanted to know if anyone has heard when MICA will release details about the competitive scholarships. Daughter has already received Creative Visionary Scholarship. I’ve reached out to her admissions counselor and financial aid counselor eatlier this week but nothing yet.

We were told by our son’s MICA counselor there that they no longer award scholarships at different times like they used to (when it was a initial award with EA and then more awards in April) to make it easier for students to make a decision. She told us that it’s all done at once with your first offer now and that seems accurate as we haven’t received anything new since then. They said we could appeal but she was upfront that we likely wouldn’t receive more than a few extra thousand through that. He was offered 21k initially but that still leaves it at significantly more than his other offers so we didn’t even bother visiting. Hope you get a better outcome!