Micah program

<p>Does anyone know anything about the Micah program at SLU? I'm really interested in service and it sounds really cool from the website. I was just wondering if anyone knew more about it. Thanks!</p>

<p>My brother is currently a sophomore in the Micah program and I agree that it sounds really cool. Basically the Micah students all live on two floors of the sam dorm room together. Freshman year they are required to take a few classes together, and sophomore year it is optional. There is a group of sophomores who live with the freshmen and serve as mentors. The Micah students do community service thoughout the year. My brother and his friends all go to different places. Usually they go once a week. Transportation is given to them to get to the service places. Once a week they also have community nights when they meet together and discuss faith and service. I think it's kind of like a prayer service. My brother definately loves the Micah program. All the freshman in the program become super duper close and are basicaly a family. SLU dorms are already family-like, so this is every closer. I think it's great and if I go to SLU I'll probably apply to the program.</p>

<p>One thing I was wondering about Micah is if it's competitive at all? I can't seem to find out any info on that anywhere.</p>