MICH and Freshman year

<p>I know that UM considers freshman year in HS now. Just as a general question to anyone who would know, I did alright my freshman year (4 A-, a B+ and a B-). Soph year I got all As/A-s. If I can do well JR year and do well on my ACT (30+- I'm at 28 on my first try at end of Soph year) am I setting myself up for a good chance or will the lower grades Freshman year hurt my chances?</p>

<p>I'm OOS at a respected private school</p>

<p>No, you have absolutely no chance. Those two Bs are the end of your academic career.</p>

<p>It did make my GPA around a 3.5 though (For frosh year), which is below Mich Standards. Sophomore year I raised it to a 4.03 I believe (weighted of course) and I think I had 2 As and 4 A-s with As in art and stuff as well (which UM doesn't count)</p>

<p>I have heard it is very tough to get in to UM OOS, so I was wondering if a bad Frosh year would put me at a sizable disadvantage</p>

<p>It's true, those Bs certainly didn't help. But why worry about the past. Focus on your future. You're going to be a junior, the most important academic year in HS. Do well and you'll be fine. Set goals, time manage, blah blah. If it helps you to work harder in your junior year I'll just say that your freshman year was subpar, do better this year.</p>

<p>Don't stress it. Try to avoid B-'s though. I had a B and a few B+'s during high school and I still got in without a problem...but they were mostly in AP/AC classes. Also, trends are good as well. You can take advantage of lower grades in frosh year by explaining how it was a transition year.</p>

<p>Thanks MHailJ</p>

<p>The B- was a class with a really tough teacher, and I got an A- this year. That class was a year ahead too (2nd yr of a language, so it was kind of advanced) and I do have a 90 minute commute to school everyday, so I'll have to mention that when I apply next year.</p>

<p>Thanks again</p>

<p>I'm also not sure if it still applies, but I heard a rumor last year that your freshman year was taken out of your GPA when it was recalculated without weight...along with your electives. GPA means a lot...but so does EC's and involvement in your school/community.</p>

<p>^Ya, last year it was taken out, but they changed the way they look at GPAs and they say they will count Freshman year now. I'm not sure how much they look at it, but it is a factor now.</p>

<p>Gotcha. 10char</p>

<p>yup- But did anyone else have a similar experience who still got into Mich/other similar schools?</p>

<p>Load up on APs, take the subject tests, improve your ACT/SAT score. If all else fails move in state and you'll be good.</p>