Michigan - Ann Arbor

<p>I know that Ann Arbor has rolling decisions. Do you guys think its too late to send in the application, especially into the very competitive Engineering department? Some people told me that theres no point in applying if you have not already sent in the application because the competition has really stiffened up.</p>

<p>BTW this is for an out of state student.</p>

<p>Well it is late -- but if your stats are at the high end, then it may not be too late. Seems like they've only accepted one batch of students so far.</p>

<p>It's probably too late to apply for the engineering department (especially if you are an out of state student).</p>

<p>i doubt that</p>

<p>Several years ago, my D applied in December (we didn't know any better back then.)<br>
She got in LSA(had solid stats). If you're good enough, they'll take you.</p>

<p>Is a 1480 SAT, 750 average SAT2, top 5% enough if I get the app off by Dec. 1? (I'm out of state applying LSA by the way...)</p>