Michigan Chances.

<p>Yeah, I didn't know there was such a forum. But here our my friends's stats. They don't have college confidential accounts but they were curious.</p>

GPA: 3.937/4.0 (honors/AP's are NOT weighted)
ACT: 28
Ranking: 26/411
Applying: School of LSA - in hopes of becoming a surgeon.
Grade: senior in the fall.</li>

-Excellence Award (2010)
-Honor Roll award (all of highschool: 2007-2010)</p>

<p>Community Service:
-Community Help for the needy (Secretary: 2008-present)
-Diversity Club (Secretary, Vice President: 2008-present)
-Key Club (2007-present)
-Religious Organization (1996-present)
-Hospital Volunteering (Summer-Fall 2009)
-School Help (2008-2009)
-Dental Care (2008-2009)
-Freshman Mentoring (2009-2011)</p>

<p>Athletic Experience:
-Track and Field (2008)
-Community Basketball (1997-2006).</p>

<p>College Essays: Decent
College Recommendations: Excellent
Counselor Recommendations: Good</p>

<p>AP Classes:
-AP Chemistry
-Anatomy (considered an AP due to rigor)
-AP Gov</p>

<p>Senior Classes:
-AP Physics
-AP Biology
-AP Calc BC</p>

<p>Summer 2010:
Work at Restaurant.</p>

GPA: 3.886 (same school as above)
ACT: 29 (feb results - she got MUCH better in march)
Ranking: 45/411
Applying: School of LSA - undecided</p>

-Excellence Award (2010)
-Musical Scholarship - first place winner (2010)
-School Scholarship - (2007-2010)
-Silver Member Key Club Award - (2007-2009)
-Honor Roll Award (all of middle and high school)
-Solo Ensemble District/State/Proficiency - (more than 15 awards in Division I)</p>

<p>Community Service/Extra Curriculars:
-Dance (2001-present: numerous programs)
-Voice (2003-2008)
-Instrument/Lessons (2004-present)
-School Helper (2007-2008)
-Outside Band (2008)
-Medical Mentorship (2010)
-Hospital Volunteering (2007-present)
-Older People Assistance (Summer 2009)
-Diversity Club (2008-present: vice president, president)
-Community Service for the needy: (2008-present: secretary)
-Freshman Mentor: (2009-2011)</p>

<p>Athletic Experience:
-Community Basketball: (2000-2007)</p>

<p>College Essays: Good
Recommendations: Great
Outside Recommendations: Great
Counselor Recommendation: Excellent</p>

<p>AP Classes:

-Calc BC

<p>Summer 2010:
-Summer Economics Leader Program
-Restaurant Worker
-Charity Organizations
-Research Program (s)</p>


<p>I would say number one for sure if the ACT can be raised a little bit.</p>

<p>act is the only potential road block in my book, but what do ik...i'm no michigan admissions officer</p>

<p>What about number 2?</p>

<p>practically everyone from my school goes to uofm ann arbor. For sure, both will get in. They're decent/both in-state.</p>

<p>doesnt it vary by school though?</p>

<p>I don't really know, but I'd say number one for sure and number two a maybe if they're both coming from schools that are somewhat lacking</p>

<p>why is number two a maybe?</p>

<p>wow, people go on this forum a lot. i didnt think i would be bumped to the second page so quickly.</p>

<p>i hope more people have input on this. i dont think this is really restoring any confidence or not.</p>


<p>can both be chanced rather than one or the other?</p>


<p>no. 2's a maybe because of gpa. transcript is the most important factor in admissions</p>

<p>but the gpa is well above the michigan limit isnt it?</p>

<p>Are you both IS or OOS?</p>

<p>we're both in-state from the same school. our school is highly competitive.</p>