Michigan Econ (Ann Arbor) or Miami business

I’ve gotten into both schools. I’m still waiting for my pre addmission decision from michigans ross business school. Assuming I don’t get pre admission, what’s a better choice to go into a business field. They’re both good schools. The south beach scene in Miami worries me vs the frat parties at Michigan. Any opinions?

I went to UMich and am trying to transfer to UMiami. Greek life is absolutely awful. The members of it are so arrogant, and there’s not much to do other than go to frat parties until about junior year. The weather is awful. Not to be a downer but Ross Pre-Admits are insanely hard to get and basically a golden ticket-- if you get it, GO. Ross students can be very arrogant but they will get good jobs. If you don’t get into Ross, you can do Econ or re-apply but I didn’t like the insanely large classes. If you care tons about reputation- and great alumni base, go to Michigan. Michigan also works people like dogs. I don’t know anyone of any major besides English who isn’t on the verge of mental breakdown at almost all times. If you want to be happy for four years, go to Miami.

keep in mind that the Dean of Business at Michigan (Anderson) moved to U of Miami a few years ago, so that says something too! AND…keep in mind that if you do not get into Ross, then there really isn’t anything else to do at Michigan if you want to be a business major (so I am told)…what will you do? switch majors if you do not get into Ross?

If I do not get into ross the I will either become an economics major or a origanizational studies majors. I’m told that Michigan graduates have higher earning potential and social life is fun. At miami I’m told its all bars. I would like a mix of both bars and frat parties in college as far as social life goes.

Though I am not pursuing a business degree and have a limited amount of information on this subject, I do think that it is worth mentioning that from 2007-2011 the Dean of the School of Business at Miami was Barbara E. Kahn, who spent 17 years working at UPenn’s Wharton School of Business. She was, at one point, the Vice Dean and Director of the undergraduate program at Wharton. I heard that she revamped the business program at Miami (I’m not sure how, specifically) and attracted many top professors. Upon looking at the credentials of the Business school faculty at Miami, many have earned their degrees from Harvard, Duke, Cornell, Stanford, and other top institutions. That being said, many others have come from respectable, but not “elite,” institutions. The current Dean of the Business School at Miami has his PhD from UChicago and, as @happy2go2school mentioned, was the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Michigan’s Ross School of Business, launching the school’s first Executive MBA Program, prior to becoming the Business School Dean at Miami.

@businessminded I certainly understand your dilemma, as I am currently trying to decide between UMiami (Marine Science/Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major) and UVA (in-state; Neuroscience major). Both schools would be roughly the same price for me, due to the scholarship I received at Miami. At UVA, I would have to apply to the Neuroscience major after 2 years and there is a chance that I wouldn’t get in, but, if I could, I would be getting a very prestigious education, especially for its price. At Miami, I would exempt out of most gen eds, which would free up my class schedule and allow me to supplement my major with Neuroscience classes. I, too, am worried about the social scene at Miami simply because it is an unknown to me, but I have heard that the school culture has changed significantly over the past decade or so. However, the greek life/party scene at UVA is, as I’ve heard, quite active and the student body has a “work hard, play hard” mentality, which could make for an intense party culture, similar to that of Miami’s. I suspect Michigan may have a similar culture being a high-quality large state school like UVA, but I really have nothing to base that assumption on.

Nevertheless, choose the school that you will be most comfortable going to. If you are confident in your decision to go to Michigan, then, by all means, go. It is a wonderful school. If not, I hope I could provide you with some useful information to help you make your decision. Perhaps you could offer your opinion(s) on my situation. (I am leaning slightly towards Miami for a combination of personal and academic reasons [3 gen eds vs. 10 gen eds; guaranteed program of study vs. not], but have yet to visit the campus. However, I also recognize that UVA is a strong school at a good price and will be attending Days on the Lawn to get a better feel for school) Thanks!

Yes very much a similar scenario. Miami is very strong for pre med and sciences. If the costs are the same and you intend a pre med track I beleive miami would be your choice since it will be much easier to succeed. The campus at Miami is my favorite by far, so beautiful.

With Michigan in mind in just worried it’s so big and I’ll get lost since I’m not so confident in my ability to get into ross as a sophmore. But since I ooie Greek life it could be interesting.

@businessminded I understand your concern with Michigan. I visited Michigan’s campus about 2 years ago when my brother was touring schools. I also visited the Minnesota-Twin Cities’ campus at the end of January, as I was considering their biomedical engineering program. It seems to me like a lot of the Big 10 schools have a similar campus vibe. Depending on the person, you could either feel suffocated by the overwhelming amount of people, or you could feed off of the energy of such a large student body.

I appreciate your advice. Though I am not on a pre-med track, I still believe that Miami would provide me with some unique research and internship opportunities and a more laid-back atmosphere, where getting good grades would perhaps be less difficult than at UVA because it is a less stressful, less cutthroat environment. I hear from many people how beautiful Miami’s campus is and I am very excited to visit over Spring break and see it for myself.

Best of luck with your college decision. With such great schools to choose from it will certainly be a tough one!