Michigan Essay, can you get personal?

Hello everyone,

Michigan has 3 essay choices.
A)describe ethical dillemma that you faced and how you resolved it
B)describe a local/national issue of importance to you
C)some say science is considered with truth and art with beauty. how can they be similar and different?

I chose to write it on the last one about about science and beauty. This question seems kind of like a formal paper, and not meant to be personal. But I would really like write about my science fairs and neuroscience research intern. at AkronU. I am also a good artist. So I wanted to incorporate my interests along my thoughts on the actual question. Is this acceptable?? Or should I write it like a school type essay without any personal inferrences?

Please, your thoughts would really be appreciated. Thanks.

<p>bump, bump, bump, and did I already say bump?</p>

<p>Definitely answer the Q, then close with P about your personal experiences. (I think this would work with school essay too. ) Colleges are looking to see not only how you think and write, but who you are. I think the creativity you bring to your artwork would help in your work as a scientist.</p>



<p>It's not just acceptable, that is exactly what you need to do. They want you to write a personal statement, not a research paper!</p>

<p>I agree, make it personal! They want to get to know you, they already know you're a academically sound, they're figuring you out, and if you don't make it personal, than you've given them no reason to want to admit you.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. And holy crap bookworm, thats a great idea!! Yeah I can def. tie artwork to science. Thanks a bunch!</p>