Michigan Honors Program

<p>how hard is it to get in?</p>

<p>roughly 500 people will be accepted (top 5% of incoming class). There are stats floating around CC regarding the average SATs, ACTs, and GPAs of honors admits -- they are right up there with Ivys. I spoke with a prof of mine earlier in the year regarding the honors program and he says its a way for the U to attract the Ivy-caliber group who may also want a good social scene and big 10 football.</p>

<p>^I don't think that is wholly correct.</p>

<p>Anyways, to the OP, it does not appear to be difficult to get into if you are a good writer and write a good, intellectually engaging essay for their additional essay (which is not hard given their prompts).</p>

<p>how much emphasis do they put on test scores?</p>

<p>hey, i just got in today and the email said that the honors program comprises roughly 10% of the entering LSA class. as far as test scores go, i would assume that they are pretty important since michigan is a state school.</p>

<p>yeah they (lsa) advertised the honors program as having numbers in the same league as the top tier ivys.</p>


<p>Median SAT Range: 1380-1490
Median ACT Range: 32-34
Median unweighted GPA Range: 3.8-4.0</p>

<p>^Where'd you get that information from?</p>

<p>Those were the stats from last year. The stats from the class of 2010 are slightly different. This was published in the "Honors Forum," a newsletter published each fall by the honors program. Here is the section dealing with the class of 2013: </p>

<p>"Because of Michigan’s and the nation’s economic circumstances, the Honors Program went into this year’s admissions season with much uncertainty, but statistically, the 2009 incoming class of 515 students is very similar to last year’s. The ratio of in-state to out-of-state students is nearly the same: 63% of the incoming class is from Michigan this year as compared to 65.5% last year. We are experiencing a trend also found in LSA and national college admissions: more women (53%) than men are in the incoming class. Academically, we have another amazing class: our median ACT range is 31-34, very close to 2009’s 32-34 range, and the median range for SAT scores for this year’s class is 1370-1490, compared to last year’s 1380-1490.
We know, however, that test scores and grades only partly indicate a student’s ability and intellectual passion. That’s why we urge all students admitted to LSA who are interested in Honors to apply to the Program by writing an essay to supplement their UM application. We include the “Honors essay” in a holistic evaluation of the student’s entire application. It’s a time- and labor-intensive process, but each year it brings us wonderful students who benefit from our academic challenges and contribute to our community."</p>

<p>I know a girl with a 34 and I believe a 3.8ish that got flat rejected, if that puts it into perspective.</p>

<p>well played hattrickty, i've been looking for these stats</p>