Michigan Housing - incoming freshman Fall 2021

Does anyone have a good (better) resource for on-campus housing OTHER than the the housing site? (https://housing.umich.edu/)

I emailed them and still haven’t heard back, and thought I’d poll CC for some solid suggestions.

My main concerns are:

  • site doesn’t specify which residence halls correspond to which room/rate types (there is a huge disparity in cost from $16k/year to $10k/year)
  • no explanation of how/why fall “extended” contract may not be used
  • whether you can preference a housing option like a double within a larger 5-6 person suite (if you only have 1 roommate selected)

Ask and you should receive…

thanks, but this is the same link i pasted in above that doesn’t answer those questions. I’ll wait to see when/if housing comes back…

Ideally, it’d be nice to know which dorms have which housing types (ie. "Bursley has standard economy double/triple type 6-7, South Quad has double w/ private bath type 3). I can’t find a resource that has that…

I thought it had that with pricing… Just email or call housing then… They are nice people… There is a section that describes the room layouts, tells you what they come with and think has a drawing of the room. Then it states the layout with pricing. It like gives the types of configurations available. You pick if you want a single or single with 6 roommates kinda thing… Reddit or the like might have more information but talk with housing if you need more specific information.

Consider living OFF of campus! If there are any restrictions in place, Dorm life was horrible this year! They never ate inside the cafeterias and it was very hard to meet other freshman other than through social media. There are many apartment complexes to consider, granted you would need to find other like minded Freshman roommates, but the freedom you have off campus vs. on is huge and worth taking a look at!! It is too bad but if things are not back to normal you really may not want to live in a dorm.

@Max2020 - Ughh… Honestly, if they’re not hosting in-person classes or loosening restrictions to a significant degree, I’m fairly certain my daughter will defer for a year and get a job or explore other opportunities. I simply can’t see or understand how they could justify that with the numbers, science, and current rollout of vaccinations where they are. It would be a HUGE mistake.

I was looking for this same information. If you end up finding anything, will you please post it.

One thing to consider and they fill up fast is Co-op housing https://icc.coop/housing/our-houses/

Many on Central and some are are like and some are houses. Mixed ages. Students love these.

Usually cheaper then dorms but the best part is they start and end with the school year. No 1 year lease to sign…

Also have this to check out.

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do we pref the dorms in our housing application? how does the application work?

I think you pref dorm groupings (north campus, the hill, central campus) but not individual dorms. Edited to add - in the link below they call them “campus neighborhoods.”

I don’t understand the housing page. It says get your application in by May 5, and after that it’s on a first come first served basis. In the next paragraph, it says you are not disadvantaged based on when you submit your application and various housing options are available throughout the process. Given May 1 is the deadline for enrollment decisions, and they take 3 weeks to send you housing forms after you enroll, it seems many kids won’t make that May 5 deadline. Can someone decipher this for me?

Call housing. But you pick the type of room you want then they place you.

We are struggling with the same question: will classes and dorm life be in person for the fall? We may pick another school that has more commitment to normalization…because our kid needs to be in class, in person. Been remote schooling this entire time and it needs to end…

This is mostly correct, except that waiting 3 weeks for housing app email should be the MAXIMUM amount of time to wait and to send them an email if you haven’t received their housing portal info. You should get the housing portal info in a few days after enrolling.

Also, my D18 accepted her enrollment early and got her housing app in early, but wasn’t assigned her housing until the 1st week of August, which is pretty late in process. So, getting you housing app in early doesn’t guarantee you quick housing placement.

Thanks for the replies!