Michigan intramurals, club teams, and pickup games? How are they?

<p>How are the athletic facilities for students?
How hard is it to make a club team?
How popular are intramurals?
How easy is it to regularly participate in sports?</p>

<p>oh and btw my favorite sport is soccer...</p>

<p>Intramurals very popular. Athletic facilities aren't state of the art but will have everything you need. They're widely used by the student body. Very difficult to make club sports teams. Very easy to regularly participate in sports.</p>

<p>For men, there's another option for competitive soccer for higher end soccer players who don't make the club team or don't desire as intense an experience. It's Maize Futbol Club [url=<a href="http://maizefutbolclub.com/Home_Page.html%5DHome"&gt;http://maizefutbolclub.com/Home_Page.html]Home&lt;/a> Page<a href="Last%20year%202009%20was%20it's%20first%20year">/url</a>.</p>

<p>If you are in Ann Arbor in the summer, the city has a very extensive rec league program.</p>

<p>Intramurals are popular and fun! I played on an intramural team for volleyball, and you can compete on different levels even within the Intramural circle. For example, my team was in the most competitive CoEd level, but there are more casual levels as well. Playing sports on the intramural or pickup level is very easy to do -- about as easy as making friends and asking if they know anything about/ want to play a particular sport. :)</p>