Michigan LSA (econ) vs Emory Goizueta for Investment Banking?

I know that ross is considered a very good target school for BB and EB, but what about LSA? I’m a freshman currently attending Emory and I’m wondering if LSA still gets the opportunities that Ross students do (I heard that you have to network much harder, but I live in NYC and have connections so that shouldn’t be that big of a problem). I’ve also heard that an econ degree holds huge value in the business world. Michigan is my dream school, but is it worth transferring from a semi-target to Michigan LSA, where banks just look at Ross in the first place? P.S. I can’t internal transfer from LSA to Ross b/c fall 2018 is the year they are removing that feature and admitting only pre admits into Ross, and the external transfer rate is under 5%.


LSA has no where near the recruiting capabilities of Ross. If you want to do investment banking, stick with Emory honestly.

search for yourself in google

site:linkedin.com umich bachelor economics -ross -mba lazard 

replace “lazard” with any other bank eg. goldman, morgan stanley, or blackrock

A billion years ago when I was in Michigan LSA, they had fantastic recruiting. I interviewed with an investment bank as an Econ major. Take heavy quant courses in econ to be a more attractive candidate, they will serve you well.

Transferring is not an easy process and transfers get lousy aid. Unless Michigan is your state school and would save you money over Emory, stick with Emory and take strong math courses. LSA is not the same as Ross, and LSA is no better than Emory for IB.

97hannah, while Ross is obviously better than LSA when it comes to IBanking job placement, LSA is no slouch in that department. Still, I would not transfer unless the OP really likes Michigan a lot better.