Michigan LSA v. NEU

My child was very interested in BBA programs. Got into a few but right now, NEU and Michigan are her top 2. Did not get into Ross - and Ross makes it clear that she will be at the bottom of priority for 2nd year transfer.

So the reason for the BBA is to do something “business” related; not clearer than that.

NEU has the co-op advantage and DD22 will likely double major CS and business. Michigan - will major in CS and economics. DD22 has strong math and computer science skills (5s in calc BC, statistics and CS)

They can achieve all their goals from either school, I would defer to their preference for overall vibe and offerings in each of the majors. Kid can take a minor in Ross if that’s of interest.

Also, summer internships coming out of Michigan are likely equivalent to NEU co-ops, so I don’t necessarily see NEU’s co-ops as an advantage. Is cost a factor at all, or would either require parental loans?


Both will cost the same (no loans). I don’t have any insight into how hard or easy it is to get a paid summer internship out of Michigan if not from Ross. Especially freshman year.

I’ve asked before - are Ross employers’ job postings not open to all students?

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I am aware that NEU’s co-op offering is well-regarded, but UMich is such an amazing university and, for me, it would be hard to turn down. And if she likes college sports, it would be no contest.

Internships are postings or options. They are not a guarantee even if a school posts or recruits. And more and more kids are finding jobs on indeed and LinkedIn.

Whether or not a company would only include a business major for hiring, I wouldn’t factor into this decision. That’s me.

I’d factor in being in Ann Arbor vs Boston, student life, etc.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Not sporty, but DD22 is aware that AA offers a fuller campus life. A lot of the negative feeling stems from being rejected by Ross.

Won’t be the first nor last time rejected. Job. Date. Class they are on a WL for ?

Time to learn how to handle.

Sounds like UM is ‘their’ school based on that.

Sounds like if they go to NEU they’ll feel like it was second rate all along.

Just based on what you just wrote.

All true. 5 more weeks to go. After all this time (apps all in November), no compunction to want to think about it until the end.

I think Michigan is a better fit, but DD22 feeling the pain of rejection even though she got in.

In the end if she has a good attitude she’ll be fine everywhere.

It’s all about mindset.

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Congratulations on the acceptances. I’d consider the following:

  1. What does she want to study? It is important to understand that economics and a business degree are different paths. Economics is a liberal arts course of study and gets very theoretical at the upper levels. In contrast at an undergraduate business school one will take a business core with introductory classes in subjects such as accounting, finance, IT, marketing etc. and then major in one of those disciplines. I’m not saying that one path is better than the other, but they are different. I would take the time to have your D look at the coursework (can be found online) and determine if one path is preferable.

  2. What environment does she prefer? does she have a preference for urban v a more rah-rah college town, Greek life, big time sports etc.

  3. Does she like the idea of Northeastern’s co-op program or not?

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Thanks for your thoughts.

  1. Yes, so right now, she feels that business school is what she wants, but then also talks about doing CS (really liked AP CS), has done and excelled at Calc AB, BC.
    Good idea to look at coursework.
  2. Boston over Ann Arbor.
  3. Is fine with co-op, though isn’t thrilled as the idea of going to school in the summer sometimes seems terrible. I have encouraged her to be flexible on this point, as I was a graduate of a co-op program and it was a terrific, maturing experience.

I’m familiar with both programs and NU business co-op’s will be easier to obtain and longer than a Michigan summer internship. Northeastern has great relationships with a long list of companies because of their co-op programs and there is a designated list of co-ops you will have access to and can apply for right on the site. They teach you early on to format your resume, interview, and create a LinkedIn page and their NU job page is way superior to applying on LinkedIn. No comparison. You can stay in Boston, where there are many jobs, or go anywhere in the country or even abroad to work. You will not have access to Michigan Ross job postings if not a student in Ross. Also most Northeastern students will graduate with three 5-6 month long co-op’s at three different companies. It’s unusual for Michigan students to have amazing internships after freshman year and it’s not unusual for a NU sophomore business student to have an amazing paid first co-op.

Summer at NU: Your student would likely just have to do one summer 1 session. They could also do a Dialogue of Civilization program which is @ 30 students going abroad for a deep dive in business or another interest with two NU professors. You can google those programs and take a look, but they are highly regarded and can replace summer classes in Boston. They are not cheap. When on semester co-op with NU you do not pay tuition only room and board and most NU business co-ops pay well.

The difference between the campus life of Northeastern vs Michigan will be significant. NU has a very hands on feel with kids rotating through co-ops and abroad and sharing experiences. NU has a more global feel as well. Hockey games are well attended by students and Boston life is a big draw. It’s less of a traditional college feel. At Michigan there is greater school spirit, bigger greek life, and huge sporting events that bring the student body together. It’s set in a great college town. They are very different schools. Congratulations to your student on getting acceptance to both. I understand NU’s acceptance rate was 7% this year and that Michigan was also inundated with applications so your student did well.

Good luck.

We’ll be at admitted day this weekend/NEU.

Is there a paid co-op opportunity summer after freshman year?

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When you are there ask about the co-op cycle. I believe they are typically July-December or January to late May or June. Of course job dependent. These are not short summer internships. The NU works job board is fantastic and the students take a co-op class that prepare them to apply. NU students are the first to have resumes, interview coaching, Linkedin set up (which is important for companies who look you up-you do not really apply on jobs from there typically because the NU Works job board is far better). At almost all other colleges students have to seek help out help with that which at NU it is all built in. Many freshman students will take 2 Summer 1 classes after freshman year and Boston is amazing in the summer.

Also a poster recommended the Ross minor program at Michigan without telling you must apply and be accepted for the Ross minor. It’s again competitive and there are no guarantees. Same for the top business clubs at Michigan you apply and it’s highly competitive. Both fantastic schools, but be aware as your daughter is already in the NU Business program.

To clarify it will depend on the “NU co-op cycle” your student chooses if they do a summer-fall co-op. If the students opts for a fall sophomore co-op cycle then yes, great paid business jobs running roughly July-Dec will be available. As soon as those jobs open up the student applies through the NU Works site to several every week. Then they interview and offers come. The great thing is for example if the student’s first co-op is at an accounting firm and they do not think that’s the career for them after co-op they can change academic focus to finance or whatever else they wish to pursue. Advisors are there for support.

Summer classes or DOC will depend on the number of AP classes that your student receives credit for, the number of co-ops desired (2 or 3), and if you aim to graduate in 4 or 5 years.

Thank you. I am a graduate of a co-op program as well, and one thing that varied a lot was co-op placement rates between different programs.

So does NEU have 100% placement for CS majors but 50 for business. Or does it not work like that?

I’m not sure on that. I know many business major students at Northeastern and I do not know any that had trouble finding great co-op’s a motivated kid who does as instructed in the co-op class will land great jobs. A real procrastinator who applies late, and doesn’t return employer requests for interviews will have less options. It can be a little stressful for some when applying, but then everything falls in place. Often the third co-op offers a full time job.

The computer science program at NU is challenging and well regarded.

Another thing to consider between UM LSA vs NU business is class size. General classes in LSA will be much larger. Was your student admitted to LSA honors or just general LSA?

Also keep in mind because of the co-op program many students prefer the 5 yr 3 co-op program. Even though it’s a much loved part of the school the resulting “4 year graduation rate” is affected which affects NU’s ranking. The results of NU’s business program speak for themselves, but parents or students that are ranking focused and overlook NU sometimes do not realize that.

Thanks again! We are encouraging 5 year.

Did not apply for honors because felt annoyed at the Ross rejection.

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