Michigan Pros and Cons

<p>Michigan's size is one of my biggest concerns. I'm an out-of stater so weather is another. What are some other pros and cons? Michigan seems so much more exciting and fun than some of the bigger names or some schools in the middle of nowhere.</p>

<p>Class sizes can be big - and unless you make an effort, you may not get to know your professors. However, if you're assertive, opportunities abound. I live in Ann Arbor, so I'm biased, but most kids I know love Michigan. You'd think since we live here that kids would be itching to get out of town. Some are -- but lots and lots are very happy to stay put and go to U of M. As for the weather...it stinks. It's beautiful now - and will be pretty nice up until Thanksgiving. After that, it's cold and gray thru March. Unfortunately, students miss the best part of the year.</p>

<p>Personally, I feel Michigan offers the most complete college experience of any university.</p>

<p>Everything is top notch here minus the weather. Academics, athletics, social life, research, college town, school spirit, etc etc etc. I don't think any other university offers such a complete experience across the board.</p>

<p>It is large which is a drawback for some, but if you seek it out, personal attention is here.</p>

<p>Yeah I agree with the above 2 posters. Besides the weather, everything here rocks. I like the big classes because they move quickly, and they aren't slowed by people asking questions. Actually, this year, I only have one HUGE class...Biology. All my other classes have about 15 people in them. The games at the Big House are awesome, so if you come here MAKE SURE you get season tickets in order to be part of the greatest football tradition in the country. Also, the cops here are fairly leanient, so if you are walking back to your dorm drunk they don't care unless you are causing a HUGE scene or actually have an alcoholic beverage in your posession outside of a party. The cops do, however, break up parties, but there is never a shortage of parties. Campus life is amazing, as you will always find different groups of people yelling/protestin/doing whatever all around campus. For example, on the way to one of the games, some religious right biatch was yelling at everyone and telling them that they would go to hell unless they believed in Jesus. So of course I argued with her. :) Also, a couple of weeks ago there was a freestyle rap battle in the Diag. This school rocks!</p>

<p>Ive been @ Michigan now a total of 6 weeks I'm a Freshman and I can honestly tell u that these 6 weeks have been the BEST! Everything about this school is amazing...the people are genuinely nice after coming from the East Coast, the Midwest is soooo nice and laid back....major plus! Football Games are an experience in themselves wow! Language and freshman English classes are kept to a small number (Spanish has 20 and English 18). Even the lecture based classes are great....Weekends here are unbeatable...with 27 frats on campus (many choices for one night) go to one or stop by a few! Yeah its cold but if your willing to come for the college experience cold doesnt matter. Michigan is NOT in the middle of nowhere, contrary to popular belief, Ann Arbor (A2 as the locals call it) has 100,000 residents definately not NOWHERE! I hoped this helped.</p>

<p>I think Wisconsin is comparable in all regards and offers a nicer campus and a more friendly atmosphere. UM is great too, though.</p>

<p>Michigan and Wisconsin are very similar. Honestly, I have no idea why Michigan residents go to Madison when we have a perfectly fine University at a whole lot less money - and vice versa.</p>


<p>Better overall sports program: Michigan (We will beat Purdue and win Big 10 championship)
Better overall academics: Michigan--Better US News ranking (yes I know they are crap) but still AND MUCH better grad schools
More school pride: Michigan
Bigger and Better Stadium: Does anything compare to the big house?
Nicer people-totally subjective and personal
Better Campus- Michigan...many reasons (law quad, reading room in grad library, rackham/bell tower/league area, union)
Better fight song: HAIL TO THE VICTORS</p>

<p>wisconsin is a good school, but a WOLVERINE would destroy a badger any day</p>

<p>Easy there Nirvana. Lovejoy is not completely incorrect. Wisconsin is an awesome school. In most respects, I would say they are equal to Michigan. It is true that Michigan has better graduate programs, especially in the humanities, social sciences and professional schools. It is also true that Michigan is more prestgious. But Wisconsin is still awesome academically.</p>

<p>However, Wisconsin has a few advantages. As much as I love Michigan's campus, Wisconsin's campus is a little nicer. And Ann Arbor and Madison are equally charming and fun. Ann Arbor is more unique, but Madison is a little bigger and has more to do. I love both those towns.</p>

<p>As far as nicer students go, I agree that it is completely subjective and personal...but I do agree with Lovejoy that Wisconsin's students, on average, are slightly more laid back and down to earth. But both schools have a great student body.</p>

<p>Some just like a change of scenery. If I lived in Madison all my life, I'd enjoy going away to school--if I could afford it. Michigan would be high on my list.</p>

<p>Well a change of scenery is nice - but at least for our family - that's not reason enough.</p>

<p>Topcat, I agree. For Wisconsin residents, leaving Wisconsin for Michigan would make little sense. No school in the US is worth paying an additional $20,000/year to attend if the alternative is Wisconsin. Wisconsin is simply too good.</p>

<p>On the other hand, not many people from outside Wisconsin would pick Wisconsin over Michigan because Michigan has the better reputation. Just like not many students would pick Michigan over Stanford or MIT, not many students would pick Wisconsin over Michigan.</p>

<p>Leaving the state of a "change in scenery" is indeed a legitimate reason, but most parents would have a problem if the university in question was not at least significantly better than the much cheaper and familiar in-state equivallent.</p>

<p>Or if the school offered a program that wasn't available, or a different experience. Our oldest wanted a liberal arts college. We felt this was reasonable and appropriate and we were willing to pay because it's a completely different experience that can't be approximated at any of our state universities. </p>

<p>For our next kid, we're not quite so positive that he can get into his first choice - which is Michigan - so we'd be willing to consider another large state university. Although...I'm not sure that any of the out-of-state Big 10 universities would be any better than MSU (assuming that if he can't get into Michigan, he won't get into Illinois or Wisconsin either.)</p>

<p>Michigan weather sucks, as does U of M dorms.</p>

<p>Plus: Ann Arbor itself, well, the university section of town that is.</p>

<p>I really disagree about Ann Arbor. It's routinely noted as one of the best college towns in the country and also regularly appears on "best place to live" lists. If you can't find something to do in Ann Arbor, you're not looking. Perhaps you mean that the retail area on South University is a little run down. I'd agree with you there - this strip has always been a little less attractive than the rest of town and since it caters almost exclusively to students, merchants don't seem to be motivated to keep it up. Also, the landlords have created virtual student ghettos - and because students mainly want apartments close to campus, the landlords don't have to try very hard to rent apartments close-by. I thought this might be changing since vacancy rates are up, but that doesn't seem to be happening. There are a few new apartment buildings; there's also a lot of junk.</p>

<p>I don't know why everyone is hating on Ann Arbor. It kicks ass. The ghetto section of campus makes it more fun. It makes us seem more ghetto and thugged out than Ohio State, which by the way sucks a fat one, and thus we are harder and tougher and we will always buck the ****eyes. I live in east quad (don't worry I'm not in RC) and it's pretty good for a state school dorm (although the food sucks, but it's good at south quad and bursley), and I love East University, which is the most ghetto street on central campus. I love it. There is east quad, then these ghetto-looking apartments, then In and Out, which is laced with liquor and alcohol banners, then the ghetto chinese restaurant. Of course there are always homeless people willing to strike up a conversation. This University kicks ass!</p>

<p>Don't pay attention to the nay-sayers Nirvana, no city/university can be loved by all. For example, most people love NYC. I hate it. Not everybody is going to love Ann Arbor. However, most people do. As Topcat aptly points out, Ann Arbor has been rated as a top 5 place to live, not just by one or two sources, but by a number of sources. Money Magazine ranks Ann Arbor among the top 5 cities in American. Woman Magazine ranks Ann Arbor a top 3 place for Women to live in. Forbes Magazine ranks Ann Arbor #6 as a city overall. Other magazines have ranked Ann Arbor in the top 5 as a place to retire!!! That is amazing given the extreme winters. I have also seen Ann Arbor ranked among the top 10 nationally for young professtionals and among the top 10 for teenagers. In short, it is an awesome city for everybody.</p>

<p>As for East Campus being ghetto-ish, I am affraid I don't see it. It is not as gorgeous as the rest of the campus, but it is not ghetto-ish! LOL</p>

<p>East U Is Straight Up Gangsta</p>

<p>Where is East Campus? I know where Central Campus is and North and South, but no map actually refers to east. Just curious.</p>

<p>I was in East Quad last night when we took our son back after the weekend home and it was very quiet there. East Quad is on Central Campus though, so where's East Campus? Do you mean the street E. University?</p>

<p>I think he was referring to East University...the most thugged out street in Ann Arbor....WHAT</p>