michigan state- chance me!!

GPA- 3.66 UW 3.72 W
ACT- took twice, got 30 both times but both have bad writing scores (17 and 23)
SAT- Going to take new sat, planning to get 1350-1400
APs- 2 junior year, going to take 4 senior year
ECs- NHS (2 yrs), Key club (3), spanish club (1), photography/art club (1), HOSA (2)
interested in msu engineering, maybe computer engineering

you may even get a scholarship…
it is like a 99.99% sure

Chances are very good!

Yep, definitely will get in!

You will get in for sure

Michigan STATE, right? From my research - for that school all you basically need is a pencil and a backpack. :)) :)) :))

but seriously, its one of the easiest schools to get into and judging by your credentials i’m more inclined to agree with @mmaannii . Its mathematically impossible for you not to get a scholarship!

Now if you were applying to UMich…then we’d be having a totally different conversation.