Michigan State for VP?

<p>I've heard that Michigan State recently has been building up their vocal program and hiring some amazing faculty. Does anyone know more about the program? I haven't been there yet so I was just wondering if what I was hearing is correct. Any insight is much appreciated!</p>

<p>Of course "fit" is very important, but is there a specific teacher there you want to study with?</p>

<p>I haven't visited and my audition is in January. I was just looking to see if anyone knew the school and how they felt about the program/teachers.</p>

<p>Their faculty, per se, is nothing I'd class as "amazing", but there has been one student from their Master's Program who has done extremely well in competitions this year. I'd say to do your research on each person and then try to e-mail or set up a phone call to speak to the teachers you are interested in. You may find a teacher who is a perfect fit for you.
Do look at their program carefully though, because I've noticed that they only require a 2.0 in your major instrument (voice, in your case) and that is ridiculously low. It would make me question the quality of the students. One of the operas they put on was quite suitable for young singers and the other, not. Again, chef</p>