Michigan State Honors Program & Merit $ - Class of 2025

Has anyone been accepted to the Honors Program yet or received merit notification?

My daughter was accepted to MSU just about 6 weeks ago and is waiting to see if she gets offered Honors Admission.

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I got my honors college acceptance on 11/24, about a month after I got accepted to MSU. No word on scholarships yet

How were you notified, email or postal letter?

I got an email for the honors college, and funnily enough, I got the honors college scholarship information in the paper mail today.

If I may ask, what were your stats getting into Honors? Also are you in or out of state and what kind of scholarship have they offered?

My stats were high, I’m out of state, and I got the $5000 Honors Distinguished Scholarship. I thought I would have gotten the $13000 one, but free money is free money.

My daughter is waiting…this is week 7 since she was accepted. Unless she gets honors and the additional scholarship money she wont be able to attend. Bummer. Congrats

They say that you are invited 6-8 weeks after getting accepted to the college as a whole, so you still have time. If you don’t get the invitation after 8 weeks, you can submit addition information to be considered, according to High School Admissions | Honors College | Michigan State University
I think everyone (out of state) in the honors college gets that 5k, so you would be guaranteed to get that money. They said my group was one of the first to be notified, so there are many people who still haven’t heard back. You can also get additional money up to or in certain cases over $15,000 according to Out-of-state scholarships | Office of Admissions | Michigan State University based on your stats.

S21 was admitted October 27 and just got notification of the $15k/year non-resident scholarship.

She literally just got notified of a $17,500 OOS Merit scholarship, so that’s a start. Hopefully she will get the invite to Honors College and at least the $5k. That gets her a shot to attend.

How were you notified of the scholarship amount–in the mail or email?

I just checked my portal (without being prompted by a notification) and I’ve gotten a $17,500 annual OOS scholarship and a Study Abroad scholarship!

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I just checked the portal and I’m not sure if it’s been there the whole time and I didn’t notice it or if it just appeared - but it shows a $15,000 OOS scholarship and Presidential Abroad scholarship of $3-5,000. Still waiting on honors…accepted 6 weeks and 1 day ago.

I just checked my son’s portal and as of today, it shows a $7,000 OOS scholarship and the Presidential Abroad Scholarship of $3-5,000.

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Per a conversation via email with the honors college today, notification of invitation to the Honors College are being sent via postal mail. If you have not received one after 8 weeks, you can follow up with additional essay and transcript for reconsideration.

I have not heard back of any scholarships, and I received my Honors Program notification abt a month ago.

Look on the portal - in the upper right, under Control Panel - left column, last item - Financial Aid and Scholarships.

thank you for your directions on how to access it, but I meant that I literally have not heard back yet

How long from the time you were admitted to MSU was it until you also got an Honors invitation? My daughter is coming up on 8 weeks now, has received a significant scholarship offer but still awaits an honors invite. She needs the additional possible honors scholarship to attend unfortunately.

Also how were you notified of you honors invitation?