Michigan State Transfer Thread Fall '21

Hi everyone! I’m applying to MSU, OOS! Haven’t seen a thread yet for Fall 2021 so I created this one! Anyways here are my stats!

College GPA - 3.631
Community College GPA - 4.0
(Took 2 classes over the Summer of 2020 at my local community college, that didn’t factor into my main College GPA)
Current Credits - 64
High School GPA - 3.446
ACT Score - 23

College EC:

  • Work as a DoorDasher & at a local ice cream parlor part-time.
  • Design for a student-run magazine as an Illustrator & Page Spread Designer.
  • Design Coordinator & Interim Cheif of PR for a political student org.
  • Worked with a cancer organization, through the political student org, to help set up an annual 5K to raise money and awareness for the cancer organization. As well as design merchandise and the 2020 race medal, which was given out to all donating 5K participants.
  • Co-captain of my freshman year dorm’s recreational ultimate frisbee team.

I applied on 1/31!

Best of luck to everyone!

Have you heard back yet?

I haven’t heard back yet.

Hi guys! I applied OOS just a few days ago as a media & information major.

High School GPA - 4.2, earned 4s and 5s on my 7 AP exams
Community College GPA - 3.75 (got a B in a Spanish class & ruined my 4.0…)
Current Credits - 20 not including AP credits, I’m a freshman rn

College ECs:
-I work at a grocery store, earn income from my two YouTube channels, & also babysit and nanny (saving as much as I can to pay for college!!)
-Currently interning at a local film production company
-Leader on my church’s video production team, train volunteers & direct tech for services, etc.
-Competitive dancer & classically trained ballerina
-Competed in the 2020 US Congressional Art Competition as well as several other local art competitions, mixed media art is one of my hobbies

Also, both of my parents are MSU grads, so I’m hoping that might help? Anybody know if State values legacy status like other colleges do? Good luck everybody!!

I haven’t heard back, I emailed my advisor and she said that transfers typically hear back a lot later!

Good luck! I applied to MSU as a freshman and got in originally, but it was too extensive for all four years! So I’m reapplying now! I’d be shocked if you didn’t get in because when I met with an advisor and told her about my 3.63 she told me I was basically guaranteed acceptance, and you have a higher GPA than me!