michigan state vs wayne state uni premed

<p>currently i am a student at wayne state university, and right now im contemplating transfering to michigan state. im not sure if its worth it to transfer to michigan state though.
michigan state would be more expensive. I would have to take out about 33K in loans to complete my BS, however at wayne state my parents would be able to pay all of the tuition</p>

<p>i feel that michigan state is a far superior school in terms of its name and academics, but im not sure if its worth the cost.
Also im not sure about how highly wayne state's premed is ranked.</p>

<p>I currently have about 55 credits ( 23 of which are AP) and will have about 70 at the end of this semester at wayne. My gpa is 3.85 ( hoping to raise it up after this semester)</p>

<p>From other posts here, stay at Wayne State, keep your GPA high, save your loan taking for medical school...which will be bad enough. If you can get out of your undergrad with no loans that will give you a lot more flexibility in med school (financially) and after. I don't know much about Wayne State so all of that info is assuming they have a descent science program and pre-med advisers that know what they are doing.</p>

<p>I would stay at Wayne state unless you are unhappy there. Prestige/rank is not a good reason to switch at this point.</p>