Michigan vs. Georgia Tech | Computer Engineering

Hey guys, I am currently stuck between Tech and Michigan for Computer Engineering. I’m out of state for both so there’s a bit of a difference in cost, but here are the benefits of each, looking for your input.

+better computer engineering(#4 vs #6/7(wondering how much of a difference that makes))
+stronger engineering reputation
+easy access to Atlanta
+higher starting salary
+nicer weather
+strong ROI
+other campuses nearby
+extremely innovative
+better coop/internship opportunities
+known for engineering
-very engineering-focused.
-dorms and food not rated too well
-strong emphasis on greek life
-male-female ratio is concerning

+large sports atmosphere/football culture
+#1 in campus life
+more well-rounded academics(strong in everything)
+stronger alumni network
+Michigan spirit radiates
+ranked #12 innovative
+best public university
+50/50 male-female(not in engineering)
+2nd largest research budget
-67k OOS tuition
-cold winters
-campus is huge
-not as many opportunities for internships during the year

Let me know what you guys think, thanks!

Not sure where you are getting your facts but just consider them equal. Especially for computer engineering. This is more of a fit question. Both amazing schools with both name brand world wide. If GT is significantly cheaper then just do that. GT is known for more of a grind. Michigan has more leeway to add minors, change majors is relatively easy. Both campuses have different feels to them. Opportunities will be identical.

I attended both schools and @Knowsstuff is right on. One caveat is where you want to work after … both schools are heavily recruited but GT gets more southern employers vs northern for Michigan. GT also has a better internship program in the Atlanta area.

Michigan research opportunities are pretty amazing, however.

The M/F ratio at GT will probably be not much of an issue because there is a pretty active social life with other nearby colleges (Emory, Georgia State, etc.) if you want to go just a little bit off campus. There is even a campus-campus bus to Emory. You also have Atlanta nearby, (which may not be a plus given the current unrest) .

as a rising second year at GT, the M/F ratio is not as bad as you think it is. both are great schools, but i do agree that GT has better internship opportunities. i would make your decision based on cost. the dorms and food here are pretty awful tho

OP would have made a decision already and has not been on CC since April. Closing thread.