Michigan vs JHU Robotics Masters

Just wondering if anyone is able to provide some advice / opinion on the comparison between John Hopkins vs Michigan Robotics Masters programs.

I am specifically interested in applications of robotics to space / UAVs.

Also in terms of fees / living costs which of the two are generally better ‘value for money’ per se?

Thanks a lot.

Have you checked out the websites for each? And have you tried reaching out to each department? Often these groups will have more information in terms of all the details.
Have you also looked at Carnegie Mellon and WPI? They are very reknown in this field. I would also explore programs which are located physically close to things you want to pursue. For example, you mention space but do you mean NASA type space or do you mean aerospace development?

Thanks for your reply. Yes I’ve been through the websites and course information.

I was already planning on applying to Carnegie and so this was in addition to that.

I was more interested in the reputations of each of the two?

Well, do you know an adult who is in the robotics field? The only issue there is MOST people think their school is the best. Someone who is in the hiring field for a large robotics company would know the strengths and weaknesses of each. Maybe one of your parents can find an old classmate/family friend who is in the field. Reputation is hard to measure because it’s not based on facts. I would use hard stats around what they offer, who gets hired, how much are they paid, do they have any outstanding professors in the field you are interested in. Or, you could go to the companies you’d most like to work in and check and see where people went to school. Many might not have come directly from a robotics program but might have done work in a related field.
Different types of people in different types of companies. Some are more engineering types, others are more research and some are into novel tech applications of robotics.
Also the size of the program can also give you information. Larger programs might have more oprtions, smaller programs might be more well defined ( or not). What are the acceptance rates of each? This also tells you something. And what do the Phd programs look like?
You can call each school and ask to speak to someone. I think with a little fishing you could ask what makes their programs unique? What kind of student does best? What are they most proud of in their program. Where do they see the program in 5 or 10 years. Bet you’ll get some good insight into which is a better fit. With Covid, they are likely getting calls from people and have someone who can answer questions.

Reach out to engineering since this might be a field in several disciplines at Michgan.


Not sure if this applies https://robotics.umich.edu/about/mair/


Just about every engineering field at Michigan is ranked in the top ten. There are lots of industry connections at Michigan including NASA.

Great, thanks for all the inputs. I appreciate it.

Michigan is also just finishing a new building dedicated to robotics with the aim of collecting research across multiple disciplines into one area:


Some of the links @Knowsstuff posted are also discussed here.

Keep in mind. Michigan is a national brand. Cutting edge like everything. World class Top notch labs.? Companies want to be part of what Michigan has to offer. I know this having a senior in engineering and when he puts on a conference he just mentions Michigan and they want to be there even virtually like this year.

I, of course am not biased at all ?.

If Michigan doesn’t have “exactly” what you want then take the lead and create it. It’s exactly what my son did. If your serious and need more information pm me. They have the money to support you. I am certain if you have the interest some professor does also. Maybe they need a push to go after it. Again, living proof is my son and now there’s a over 3 million dollar school wide initiative for this technology he loves. The only undergraduate on their advisory panel.

2 years ago the engineering department was working on a AR modification of their space helmet. This was a large grant from NASA to do this. I got to play with the prototype and it was cool. Any school could of been asked to do this, right?

They are both great schools but you will never go wrong with selecting Michigan for just about anything. Engineering undergraduate rank is tied 6 and Graduate is 4. That’s not too horrible. Good Luck

Thanks all!